The difference between composite solid wood door and solid wood door

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-26

Composite solid wood door and solid wood door , although solid wooden door is more pure than composite solid wooden door and is made of solid wood, solid wooden door is easy to crack and deform. The composite solid wood door not only retains the advantages of beautiful and natural solid wood door, heat preservation and moisture preservation, sound insulation, etc. , but also makes up for its defects and is not easy to crack and deform. The door core and internal structure of the solid wood composite door are made of other wood or MDF, and the surface is a wood veneer. The solid wood composite door has all the advantages of a full solid wood door, maintaining the effect and perception of the solid wood door, however, compared with full solid wooden doors, their performance tends to be more stable and the price is appropriate. However, due to the low production cost of composite solid wood doors, its market price is naturally lower than that of solid wood doors. The price of solid wood doors is now very high, and with the decrease of forest resources, its price will soar, resulting in many consumers not being able to afford it, which also frees up a large market space for composite solid wood doors. Wooden door

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