the end of house keys? smart lock lets you open the front door with your mobile - and you don\'t even need to take it out of your pocket

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-18
This may mean the end of the panic when you forget the key.
An American company has launched a \"smart lock\" that allows you to enter your home with your mobile phone
You don\'t even need to take your phone out of your pocket to open the door.
The lock price for August is $249 and can even be set to automatically get friends or workers in.
VideoAugust\'s downward scroll was created by tech entrepreneur Jason Johnson and industrial designer Yves Bihar, a gadget that finally went on sale at Apple\'s store this week.
Over the past two years, we have worked tirelessly to build a complex and easy way for you to manage your family, the company said.
On August, smartphones and intuitive iOS and Android mobile apps will allow you to send virtual keys to anyone you choose to invite to your home.
The \"August lock is made of\" durable anodized aluminum \"and can be activated and managed online using mobile applications.
It is connected to the existing door lock and is a battery-operated.
The manufacturer claims that the installation takes only 10 minutes.
The designer claims that the August lock pack includes plug-in adapters and panels that work with about locks on the US market.
August working with any Bluetooth
Smartphones, though these apps will only be released on iOS and Android.
Encryption locking technology publishes a registered device or an invite device using unique code that cannot be copied.
To open the lock, anyone with code can approach the door, enable Bluetooth on the phone, and press the relevant address from the app.
Locking takes a few seconds to scan and confirm the identity of the visitor.
Once the identity is confirmed, the red dot circle on the front of the device will turn green and the lock on August will twist to release the door.
When someone enters the house in another room, the doorbell also rings to let the owner know.
If the homeowner forgets the phone or wants to save the battery, they can also use the key, although the homeowner will be reminded by email on August that they will be reminded to replace the battery when their battery is low.
Homeowners must send invitations to friends, family and other visitors to grant them keyless access.
This can be done using an existing contact or Facebook contact in the homeowner\'s phone address book, but another person must have an app to receive a unique access code.
When someone enters the house, the homeowner receives a push notification.
Another notification is sent when the person leaves.
This means that homeowners can track how long cleaners or builders have been in the house, and the details and access information for each visitor are stored in the log.
For example, locks can also be used to get people to parties without having to open the door every time.
In addition, the guestbook feature allows visitors to leave comments and photos for their guests or hosts, or to thank the notes.
Invitations can also be sent, with a time limit of one hour and a maximum of \"always\", and homeowners can revoke access at any time.
The lock is automatically closed after 10 seconds to secure the door.
The research conducted by the company found that people carrying five or more keys with them, and people carrying keys they no longer use.
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