the extension almost doubled the size of this american-style home in meath

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-30
For the current owners of Brookfield House, this is the prospect of a project --
They can add value to its properties-
They were attracted to the house first.
Brookfield, built in 1997 by members of a local farming family, has lived in the United States for years before deciding to set up a base in Ireland.
It is unusual in the world that the house was covered with red bricks and the original owner was so determined to obtain permission that he went to Bord Pleanala to challenge the original decision of the Co Meath planner to reject his preferred material.
Brookfield was first launched in 2006 when it was purchased by the current owner.
\"We love the area, the environment and the feeling of the house, and the fact that it feels like an American house --
\"Many of the materials used in its buildings and equipment come from the United States,\" they said . \".
\"At the same time, we can see that there is the potential to do more with it and make it better.
\"They started to get more land around the property, and now there are a total of 13 acres, including a lot of land.
The important Road is facing the street.
There are two big paddocks, part DingTalk-
In return, a local farmer used iron bars and grazing to maintain fences and hedges.
New owners interested in equestrian will be able to build stables (
Planning permission required)
Raise Horses.
The vendors built a large separate double garage that housed a batch of motorcycles and retained the service of the local architect Ultan Blake, designing a large double garage
Floor extension at the back.
When it was finished in 2016, it was almost twice the size of the original house.
\"The back of the House faces south,\" said the vendor, \"so our briefing on Ultan is to get more light in and enhance the flow from the inside to the outside.
Bright and airy tile entrance hall with hand made
Walnut stairs to the first floor.
Double on the right-
There are two doors leading to the TV room in the back garden, and the study on the left.
The large space on the first floor of the expansion section now accommodates a double spaceaspect open-
The plan is located in the living/dining area outside the kitchen of the original part of the house.
The door leads to the terrace area with a view of the surrounding countryside.
The current owners say it is an arrangement that is very effective for the parties.
The kitchen is modern with island unit with breakfast bar, integrated fridge/freezer, dishwasher, oven with microwave and electric stove with ceiling fan.
Outside the kitchen is a communal area with access to the side of the House, as well as a shower that can be accessed from sports or outdoor work.
On the first floor of the expansion is the main suite with walking
In the wardrobe, en suite bathroom and balcony.
Of the other four bedrooms, two are connected bathrooms and one is a family bathroom.
\"The house is very low --
\"Due to the heating under the floor and the very good doors and windows, maintenance and comfort of Munster fine carpentry,\" said the current owner.
The landscaped garden is private and secure with an electric door and a mature pompous hedge in front.
There is a fountain and a large pond with no fish at the moment, as it turns out that the herons population is too good at catching unprepared targets.
Traders say the area around Lake Trim and Co Westmeath is perfect for motorcycles.
Other amenities include multiple golf courses such as Taito Park and jerkencross
Courses in castle design in Killeen.
The new Avoca in Dunboyne is another great addition, with local bars and restaurants including Caffrey in battertown and axe in battertown.
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