The ground color and wooden door remain the same color system

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-27

1. Since wooden door belongs to the facade functional ornament of the living room, generally speaking: wooden door is closely related to furniture, wall finish and window cover in the home. The association with the floor is relatively small.

2. When the living room environment is warm, you can choose a warmer color system relative to the wooden door, such as cherry wood, teak, sapili, etc. When the living room environment is cold, relatively should choose a lighter wooden door, such as mixed oil White, birch and so on.

wooden door color matching solid wood door

3, the wooden door should be close to the color of the furniture, should be consistent with the window cover as much as possible ( Many of the current set doors have matching window covers, skirting boards, and corner lines)The color of the same wall should have a corresponding contrast. For example, it is best to make the wall paint colored with oil-mixed white wooden doors. Only in this way can the room be layered, and peace will also make the room feel particularly fresh.

4. The color of the ground should be the same as that of the wooden door (Such as cold and warm)But it is best not to be consistent. Prevent the ground from being chaotic with the wall and weaken the sense of space in the room.

5. For large or sunny rooms, you can choose deeper black walnut, which can create a more calm atmosphere. The color itself is beautiful and there is nothing wrong with it. All in the coordination, if you are really not sure about the idea, choose white, white is the least error-prone color!

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