The key to opening the heart of the wooden door consumer: Focus on sincerity

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-17

1. Memorize product content

excellent sales skills are not fancy tricks, but happy expressions based on cooked product content. Obviously, if a salesman knows nothing about his own products or knows very little, and only relies on the so-called sales skills to face customers, it is difficult to answer the content about the products or to meet the needs of customers, then, pure formal sales skills are like a piece of waste paper, with little use.

obviously, excellent sales skills are first and foremost familiar with product content, especially product features, product selling points, product functions, product differences, etc, and form a simple and clear sales rhetoric, which can well guide customers to buy, or to find solutions to customers' problems, so as to meet the real needs of customers. Obviously, the sales staff will be familiar with the product content, which is the basis for realizing the sales transaction.

II. Unique brand features

obviously, besides the product quality, features and selling points, customers are also very elegant about the brand. Unfortunately, the brand awareness of the products sold by a large number of wooden doors dealers is not high. In view of this practical reason, experts believe that: the vast number of wooden doors dealers and salespeople should not be afraid, because most customers do not buy non-luxury brands or brands that advertise on TV every day, but as long as they are distinctive, brands that can satisfy them will be purchased.

Therefore, the majority of wooden door dealers and sales personnel should show their brand image, brand positioning, brand characteristics and brand advantages, even if it is a small detail, that is, the perfect release of the essence of the brand, so that customers feel that this brand is trustworthy and choice. Then, the sales transaction is not difficult.

3. Understand the psychological needs of customers

The process of product sales is a process of psychological and psychological competition. Obviously, in order to achieve excellent sales performance, Guangzhou wooden door dealers and sales personnel must fully grasp the customer's psychology and understand the customer's thoughts, needs, hobbies, preferences, purposes, etc. through observation, so as to well guide customers to understand and pay attention to the products and reasonably meet the real needs of the vast number of customers. In this way, the sales transaction will follow the course. Obviously, this is the need for the majority of dealers and sales staff through long-term actual combat, in order to use freely or reach the realm of perfection.

There are three main methods: first, listen carefully to customers' needs or opinions so as to know their real shopping needs; The second is to ask the customer's needs in a timely manner. This requires the salesperson to communicate with the customer when it is more pleasant, it can be directly proposed, and the effect will be very good; The third is to analyze customers' shopping motives, for example, because of economic price, comfortable products, superior functions, increased personal attraction, attracted by advertisements, convenient use, economic and practical factors. In this regard, the majority of wooden door dealers and sales personnel need to constantly test, study and summarize in the actual sales process in order to grasp the position and do better.

IV. Product introduction with rich voice and emotion

when the majority of distributors and salesmen introduce products to customers, it is necessary to introduce the products to customers with both voice and emotion, especially to avoid some inappropriate and wrong ways of speaking, and to adopt positive answers, guide and praise them, the transaction probability of product sales is very high, thus it can be seen that the adoption of affirmative, praised, guided and affectionate product introduction will make customers happier in purchasing, thus realizing the transaction of sales.

V. A perfect farewell with a sincere smile

The vast number of wooden door dealers and sales staff should understand: Farewell to customers is the end of a sales, it is also the beginning of the next successful sales. Therefore, regardless of whether customers have shopping or not, dealers and salespeople should sincerely say goodbye to customers with smiles. At the same time, you can tell the customer about the new trend of the company or the goods, such as when the store will have new goods, so as to remind the customer to buy again.

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