The maintenance of ecological door how to do?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-06-24

the ecological characteristics of the door to use material need wm in use process need to caress attentively, wooden door manufacturer under the ecological maintenance of the door to share with you how to do?

1, ecological door to prevent indoor door soak in water for a long time, especially the low-end door cover plate. To moistureproof problem at present, many manufacturers to produce finished products indoor doors were doing a good job, got high promotion in the waterproof properties, such as many manufacturers have added moistureproof board, so indoor door moistureproof problem got a better solution, further to the bottom of the kitchen, toilet door cover are not afraid of water.

2, ecological door to keep the surface cleanliness of ecological interior door, can do a clean surface for a month, so we can keep the door of a complete set of eternal bright as new. Major maintenance of clear wood stain on the surface, using a soft cotton cloth to wipe, with hard is very easy to scratch the surface. Smear is too heavy, they can use neutral detergent, special cleaning agent, toothpaste or furniture to smear reoccupy cloth wipe dry after. Ecological door to prevent strong hard knock against the door frame and door leaf surface.

3, hinges, locks are active parts, loose occurs, should immediately tightened, hinge position noise should pay attention to in time, when opening the lock is not flexible moderate pencil lead foam can be added to the key, not just oil, because oil more easily absorb dust, the cycle, will the other locks can't open more convenient.

4, ecological door skin protection: leather with high leather cleaning fluid ( If be) Its clean, with a senior brightener light spray, remember that touchs water, and should avoid contact with acid and alkali so as not to damage the leather surface.

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