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The Misunderstanding of Choosing Wooden Doors

The Misunderstanding of Choosing Wooden Doors


When choosing wooden doors, most customers pay more attention to the door type, material and price and believe that the more expensive and heavier the door is, the better quality the door has. But actually, the expensive and heavy one is not the best for us; various home decoration designs match different door types so the suitable will be the best. 

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The heavier, the better?

Most customers will make mistakes when choosing wooden furniture like wood door and they think the heavier the wood is, the better the quality is; while the salesman believe that the stability of door depends on the density of wood.

The fact is that we can not judge a door by its weight.

On one hand, sometimes the weight of chipboard is heavier than the solid wood. Although the chipboard is made of small pieces of wood, it is stuck with a lot of glue so that the weight is not light. 

On the other hand, the density of some woods like teak wood and Merbau wood is not high but they have great stability. As can be seen, the density and weight can not ensure the quality of solid wood.

In a word, if we want to choose good solid wood door, we should pay attention not only to the weight and density, but also to the door surface, wood quality and lipping effect.

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Is the solid wood door the best?

In fact, each has its own merits. The reason why the solid wood door is so popular is because people would like to be close to the nature, healthy and environmental-friendly. But the main demerit is that the change of moisture content will make it easy to deform so it need to be treated carefully. Too dry or too wet environment is not suitable for solid wood door and there will be some bad effects if the humidity changes too much because of the strong direct sunlight or frequent air conditioning-switching. 

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Solid wood furniture means totally environmental protection?

Believe that when choosing solid wood furniture, most of us will hear the words of the salesperson “Solid wood furniture is the most environmental-friendly product”. But is that the truth?

As a matter of fact, it depends. Compared to the work material with all kinds of chemicals, the solid wood furniture with natural material is environmental-friendly. But generally speaking, the wood for solid wood furniture comes from trees while the artificial boards, with high-usage and high production rate, use less wood. Nowadays, most artificial boards reach the state environmental-protection standard; the formaldehyde emission of some material is even far below the national standard. In short, solid wood furniture is not totally environmental-friendly, just relatively.

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Any ironmongery is fit?

Hinge is the most important part of hardware fittings in wooden door industry. In the market, some invisible hinge installed inside the door looks good but actually is very dangerous because when the hinge cracks, it is hard to find and the door will fall off suddenly. So to ensure the safety, when choosing hinge, we should buy from a reliable brand.

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What kind of material of frame is acceptable?

When choosing wooden door, the customers only focus on the quality of door. However, there are a lot of after-sales problems about frame instead of door. 

There are 3 types of wooden frame in the market, composite wood frame, density board frame and solid wood frame. The density board frame is not water and damp proof and the nail holding ability is also bad, which will make the door touch the floor easily. And it is not easy to turn the screw in the finger-joint solid wood frame. So the best choice for composite wood door is composite wood frame, which can guarantee the life of composite wood door.

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