the pioneer life of a unique family

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-13
Hey, time traveler!
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Visiting Wasyl Negrych pioneer home is the next best thing to get back to the 20 th century.
Snuggle up in a dusty, almost-
Deserted gravel road north of Gilbert plain
The original property is worth a visit.
At the end of 1800, immigrants to Canada, under the conditions of building their homes and continuing to settle, provided deeds to a large amount of land on the Prairie at a very reasonable price.
Wasyl Negrych from the Western Highlands of Ukraine came here with his wife Anna and seven children.
In 1897, they bought a piece of land at a mandatory price of $10.
Temporary accommodation that will accommodate growing families (
Manitoba will have five more offspring, bringing the total number of children in nigrich to 12)
Made of wooden poles and cowhide.
It was their home until the construction of the main house was completed in 1899.
The nagerich family has amazing wit and self. sufficient.
They raise cattle, pigs and chickens.
They built barns, barns, chicken houses, pigsty houses and huts.
They grow and harvest wheat, rye, barley, oats and linen.
They maintain gardens of vegetables and herbs, as well as abundant orchards.
They make their own clothes, oil, ropes, utensils and tools.
All the building materials were found on the farm site and the building structure uses traditional log building techniques with saddle and cut turns.
The heavy wooden door was moved by hand.
Carved wooden door hinges, fixed with innovative door lock system, using a hole in the wall
Looks like a wooden key and a sliding board arranged with a strategic boardplaced notches.
The original house had a solid beam ceiling and a very rare wooden roof
The only long-term example of Canada
Roof of Carpathian.
Its layout includes a central kitchen area and two side rooms.
Both the interior and exterior are done with hand-made plaster, which keeps the building fresh and cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
The home remains intact on its original site today and is touted as Canada\'s oldest Ukrainian home.
The negric family left a lasting impression on the Canadian border and unconsciously left a mark on Canadian history.
Clothing, letters, pictures, magazines, knick-
The home is still decorated with trinkets and countless other personal items.
From 1922, religious images, family photos and Gilbert plain calendars are still decorated on the walls.
Walking in the ten intact buildings of the homestead, surrounded by towering tamarak and the dense forest of poplar trees, I can\'t help but feel that the spirit of the family is still lingering.
It is worth noting that the two youngest Newgrange children live there until they are 1990 and have no modern progress --
No electricity, tap water, sewer and telephone lines.
It is indeed an impressive place to be considered as the earliest and best preserved example of Ukrainian farm in Canada.
Designated as a heritage site in Manitoba, it is also commemorated by a copper plaque and recognized by the Canadian Council of Historical sites and monuments as a National Historic Site.
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