The production process of solid wood composite painting door

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-12

the lacquer that bake is actually a kind of production process, not a special material of wood processing. Every painting process in order to fast curing or other needs, baked by adopting the method of infrared radiation and made of wood door can be called the door of the lacquer that bake.

solid wood composite painting door production process: 1, according to the specifications, the double post, it is not easy to deformation; 2, open the hinge hole, operation type hinge holes before for paint, can avoid the scratch; 3, substrate with coarse sand paper burnish; 4, blow be bored with child, and fill the small hole on the surface of the eye; 5, after being putty dry polishing. 6, twice the primer; 7, dry after polishing. 8, two times paint; 9, twice of the paint coat; After 10, table, in the 60 - Curing barn, 80 c - 6 8 hours ( Rapid drying can improve hardness) ; 11, grinding polishing, polishing to remove surface dust, improve brightness, hardness when consumer is choosing wooden door, wooden door custom service, often feel confused, because real wood door, solid wood composite door structure and production process of difference is very big, too many, I don't know how to choose. Wooden door on the market now often see 'gate' of the lacquer that bake, give a person a kind of high quality good taste feeling, actually otherwise, wooden door agent, wooden door here franchisees revelation 'gate' of the lacquer that bake for you.

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