The shortcoming of custom wood development have?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-17

custom wood door can satisfy different customers' demand of choose and buy, many companies choose to develop customized wooden products, wooden door manufacturer to give us the custom wood development under the shortcomings have?

a, customized process factory at present, the custom household brand in channel is still very dependent on traditional dealer network system. Although many brands are now in the name of C2B in propaganda, but did not go to the middle, the personage inside course of study says, custom home service process is long, links, the problem of error is more, on the management of the dealer, manufacturer does not have a standardized process control each link, even if the company has introduced the SAP but dealers such as wide distribution so not strictly enforced. Middlemen will too pursuit of profit maximization makes each link so not specifications, can appear even jump list.

second, the high cost of bad sales

there is no doubt that high cost of customized household wooden door products. High cost of direct driving up prices, price factors influence consumer decision making in large level, customer demand is more dispersed, if simply according to user needs to do, the price will be higher, coupled with the distributor price among, the chain is too long can lead to consumers spent money can't buy good products.

3, message not symmetric

at present, custom home wood products lack of relatively perfect system of interactive services, which may influence brand trust. In other words, there is no set up effective communication between consumers and manufacturers, information is not timely feedback, communication efficiency is extremely low, completely unaware of, and manufacturers are all intermediaries perfunctory, the brand damage is very high. So, the wooden door brand needs to be perfect after-sales service system of interaction, to improve the user to the credibility of the brand.

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