The structure of the ecological door, rounding

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-30

ecological door from the door and the door, door leaf base trough, door leaf plate, door core, hinges, locks, etc.

structure features: can be used all kinds of wall thickness, with dedicated hardware, door leaf with aluminum keel strengthen tube, aluminum alloy frame sealing side, never deformation, strong impact resistance.

installation features: fast installation is simple, parts replacement convenient and flexible, easy to install, convenient disassembly.

the door and the door: the aluminum magnesium alloy, high strength, fashion, environmental protection, personality, style, beautiful, never deformation, do not fade.

door leaf base tank: adopt aluminum honeycomb core, European E1 high density board or otter board, sound insulation, environmental protection, high performance, strong impact resistance, deformation.

door sector material: imported and domestic environmental protection, amine board or fire prevention board, surface material color is rich, door panel, elegance, fashion, moistureproof, wear-resisting, flame retardant, easy to clean

hinge, stainless steel and refined from imported high molecular material, structure compact, opening and closing (silent Flag hinge, hinge of heaven and earth, invisible hinge) 。

locks: titanium alloy aluminum magnesium die casting and become, novel styles, fashion, strong and durable.

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