The use of wooden door performance have?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-08

wooden door has a good sound insulation, natural color, texture, simple and other characteristics, is widely used, the following performance to everyone about the use of wooden door of wooden door manufacturer have?

a, the environmental performance of wooden door

with green environmental protection building materials products becoming more popular and people consumption concept changes. The environmental performance of wooden door more and more get the attention of people. In order to ensure that the environmental performance of wooden door, the design is mainly from two aspects to consider.

on the other hand, the choice of green environmental protection pollution-free raw and auxiliary materials. Man-made board and adhesive, select environment mark product identified by authorities. And man-made board with local equilibrium moisture content and moisture content of timber can be appropriate, unfavorable choose higher moisture content of raw and auxiliary materials, because, other things being equal, the higher the moisture content of materials, the harmful material such as formaldehyde release the faster speed.

on the other hand, choose the appropriate processing technology. Such as: hot pressing, choose the suitable glue content, appropriate temperature, pressure and pressure time. Sealing side close as far as possible, and so on. The amount of the release of harmful substances in the products under certain conditions, fell to a minimum. Beijing green wood timber production, for example: according to GB18584 - 2001 ( Indoor decoration materials harmful substances in the wooden furniture limited) And JG/T122 - 2001 'building wooden door, wooden window' finished product door requirements: formaldehyde release a quantity to: E11. 5 / L can be directly used for indoor; E25. 0 / L must be facing after the process allows for indoor. Beijing timber green wood products has reached 0. 6 / L, belongs to the E1 standard. As the wooden door production enterprises, continue to improve the product's environmental control, reduce the formaldehyde release a quantity to wooden door products, reduce the pollution to indoor living environment, is not only the performance of enterprise strength, and is the inevitable requirement of enhance corporate social responsibility.

2, the use function of wooden door

the use function of wooden door is the door of the most basic and the most practical problems. Commonly referred to as the use of features include: door open performance, door insulation, sound insulation performance of the door, the door of the fire prevention performance, anti-theft performance, outside door, outside the door on the wind pressure deformation of the air permeability of water leakage and performance, the whole strength of the door. These are our priority issues in the design.

design, should be used according to the different use of wooden door place and position, determine the use function of wooden door. Then, in the process of design reflect these features. To achieve these functions, usually in two aspects of material selection and process into consideration.

on select material, usually choose own breakdown strength of higher raw material; Choose their own relatively loose structure, heat preservation, sound insulation effect better raw materials; Choose not flammable or through flame retardant processing of raw materials, etc.

in the process, considering the above function can be node. Such as: the door frame and door leaf, doors and door leaf joint encryption seals; Door frames and doors, doors and door leaf joint guarantee appropriate aperture and other appropriate structure, etc.

3, door adornment effect

the advent of the era of science and technology, make the wooden door under the modern technology refined packaging more elegant quality, advance for consumers to enjoy the new life in a new feeling. Pushed open the door, you're really into his carefully build the world ask xin, leisure. Away from the hubbub, hence, troubles away, wood to create with different pattern and style to fun, talk of log in wooden door flavour permeates in the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. So. People pay more and more attention to the door adornment effect. The requirements in the design, the first to choose the modelling of the door, european-style carve patterns or designs on woodwork, or combined type, or ancient remains, or concise and lively, ze different bedroom emotional appeal.

second, choose suitable doors, door frames outside materials. Natural nobility of black walnut, sand Billy, cherry wood, ash, teak, such as wood, wooden door is on the green, environmental protection, the grade, the effect is better than other kinds of material, better. Ingenious design, make every detail can chew a rich culture. Then, choose to suit the quality of the door of the hardware, the hardware have the effect that make the finishing point, the performance of vivid and friendly indoor environment.

choose different door leaf thickness, reflect deep dignified or relaxed and lively feeling, so that the wooden door is no longer just for people from the rain and divide the space of a functional facilities, but also the combination of the traditional culture and modern science and technology, not only is 'the first line of the threshold into the room of the garden', is a 'door' to the people's hearts.

different types of paint and color, such as: oil, mixed oil; The light and matte; All dumb dumb, half dumb, seven points, etc. , also reveal a different style. Make the wooden door is no longer a simple sense, this product is available for people to switch to use the product, but also a handicraft, a carrier of aesthetic point of view, a fraternity, a symbol of freedom, an ideal way of life and life realm, and bearing the weight of the culture of the host, transmitting the information of the host and values.

4, selecting the suitable processing technology

product processing technology is the choice, want to consider the operability of process not only, and should reflect the quality of the products. This quality includes not only the quality standards of high starting point, strict technological process, work process of the production processing, the perfect experience, also includes timely perfect after-sales service system and technical support. Embody a kind of 'supreme elegance, interpretation of special grade, exquisitely carved, Shared value' classic emotional appeal.

5, easy to transport and install

the transportation and installation of wooden door, account for considerable cost of a piece of this product, therefore, in the process of design should be considered interchangeable, can provide the bulk chemical products.

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