the week\'s most expensive listing is a $52m megamansion with the coolest pool we\'ve ever seen

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-28
There is almost always a luxurious home with a swimming pool.
You can bet that we have seen quite a bit high.
Final version from indoor to edgless.
But the most expensive swimming pool this week is likely to get a big prize for our favorite swimming pool.
Look, a dramatic L-
The shape of the water has a cantilever on the property.
In addition to the dramatic environment and panoramic views of the city, there is a cool conversation pit with a fireplace-
Right in the middle of the pool. The 16,000-square-
Foot Village will be $52 million.
Built last year, this expensive modern hotel offers 6 beds, 10 bathrooms and all imaginable luxury amenities.
The current owner bought the property in 2012 for $8,525,500 and the architect was brought in to design the house.
It used to be a modern site in the middle of the 1960 century and has the right to brag about it --
At one point, 3,000-square-
$15,000 a month offers walking accommodations.
Completed construction in 2018;
The house was quietly completed for $58 million.
But no one.
Now, it\'s done, it\'s back. very moderate)price cut.
But those at the top of the market may find that it\'s just a ticket.
With floating pedestrian bridges and glass double doors, you\'ll be able to enter the enclosed hilltop residence that is advertised as a \"next-generation masterpiece.
Of course there\'s a lot inside. wow-Features worth mentioning.
In addition to the luxurious living space, dining room, open kitchen and family room, the disappearing glass wall highlights the seamless interior of the homeoutdoor flow.
In addition, there is a band-die-
Take a shower on the upper floor.
The lower level is also worth seeing.
There is a media room downstairs, lounge, bar, gym, glass bar, car display area, health studio.
List of Hilton and Highland hotels.
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