this montclair couple splurged to create a sublime high-end kitchen

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Sometimes the people who buy your old house do a good job and you hope they will sell you the house.
This is likely to happen to Jason Braun and Kate Roman.
However, they did not offer to buy back their previous Bloomfield residence.
They are calling on their buyers to help update their new home.
Martina seworth, owner of the lemon grass interior architecture and design, purchased the Bloomfield residence in Kupp on 2012 under the threat of Hurricane Sandy, and jason Blau returned to his former home, tell Servos where the water might go into the basement.
With a warning visit, Servos offers a full tour of the renovated house.
\"It looks great,\" says Blau, who works in building management . \". The three-
A month of renovation left a deep impression, and a few months later, when he and his wife decided to join the kitchen, they hired Servos, the restaurant and living room of their Montclair home are described by Blau as \"a big family room \".
\"The first floor of the 1969 flat floor will be completely renovated.
\"We want a kitchen that is open to the rest of the House,\" Rohmann said . \".
So, two walls come down and open the kitchen and people realize that the ceiling may be higher.
\"When we removed the walls, we realized that we could add about 2 feet to the height of the old ceiling, which made it very beautiful and airy,\" Servos said . \".
The kitchen area is now equipped with two styles of scavolini cabinets from Italy and comes with stainless steel appliances from Fisher & Paykel, including double ovens.
The aging white tile floor in the kitchen was replaced by red oak.
After being stripped off and patched with new stains, the new floor blends seamlessly with the floors of the original living room and dining room.
Although most of the Italian cabinets have a finish pattern similar to the weathered wood, there is a white lacquer on the double door of a large cabinet with plates, glasses, service pieces and other kitchens
Bright white helps illuminate the kitchen, and the off-shelf of the new cabinet makes it easier for boys aged 7 and 10 to handle daily chores.
\"You put the plates in the high cabinets, and then the kids can\'t help it,\" Rohmann said, discussing their cabinet choices . \".
\"They can\'t have that sense of accomplishment.
\"Near the new sliding glass door that will open to the deck that has not yet been built, there is a dining table, and when the ceiling is lifted, its top is made of recycled wooden beams.
Families can have casual meals on the kitchen island, where there are five
Gas stove.
The focus of the new open plan is a corner fireplace whose black granite faces and mantel are enhanced by asymmetrical stone parcels made of art tiles.
\"The fireplace combines all the elements of the design,\" Servos said . \".
Gary Odendahl of River\'s Edge Woodworks in parcy built custom cabinets around the fireplace.
He finished a low cabinet high up.
Glossy White, combined with the kitchen\'s white lacquerware in the Stone Harbor Gray and Brittany blue space of Benjamin Moore.
Horizontal lines are common in design, guiding the proportion of the room while supplementing the middle part of the family
Servos said she was trained in design and engineering in her home country, Germany.
On a wall above the sofa, she installed six windows.
Different sizes form a huge window.
Rohmann says they appreciate the many efficiencies Servos have on the ground floor, recalling the often smaller German families.
Rohmann says their Italian kitchen has a sobering sticker impact, but they chose it for aesthetic and environmental reasons.
\"We want something modern, but the VOCs content is low and there is no formaldehyde,\" she said.
\"We like modern style.
We want to embrace Mid-
But a little more modern.
\"The wooden look of the cabinet finish reminds her of a beach cottage that is full of frost.
\"We really like it.
\"The first floor of their building 4 --bedroom, 2-and-a-half-bathroom house.
Lemon grass interior construction and design, contracted by the state, carpentry services provided by River\'s Edge woodworks, Italian kitchen cabinets cost $100 from September 2013 to February 2014.
\"Our tile tailgate was small and we really enjoyed working together in three rooms as a space,\" said Kate Roman . \". Kimberly L.
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