this woman turned her tree stump into a little free library fit for magical elves. it went viral.

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-11
For more than a decade, Sarah Leigh Armitage Howard looked down at the big cotton tree in front of her Idaho house climbing up dead branches in her garden and sidewalk.
Then the last straw: a 110-year-
An old tree fell on her son\'s car, causing several hundred dollars of damage.
It\'s time to cut it down before the storm falls.
But Howard, a book lover who works in her local library, has an attachment to the tree.
She wants to give it a new life.
She does not know that her creation will not only be a topic in her community, but will also fly over the Internet on social media to reach people around the world.
Howard designed a Pinterest-
The Free Library, which is worth mentioning, is very pleasant and looks like a home of a magical elf family.
The converted stumpturned-book-
Complete stone steps are provided, leading to a small glass French door, a hanging lantern, a shelf and a pointed roof.
The top of the door is dotted with small wooden replicas of books such as Angry Grapes, Nancy Drew and little woman.
On December, Howard posted a photo of her creation on Facebook, which was circulated on social media, and people shared more than 100,000 times, leaving more than 13,000 comments.
When people find out about her charming little Book House, comments still keep popping up: \"What! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
A woman in Maryland wrote.
\"Don\'t be surprised when some elves move in!
A man in Arkansas wrote.
\"On this level, this is the gateway to another world!
Cheers to you, thank you for making the world a better place!
A woman in New York commented.
Howard thinks her little tree Library\"
Some people call it now-would be eye-
But she didn\'t expect such a big reaction.
\"I\'m shocked at how many people I \'ve heard in the past few months,\" said Howard, 42. year-
The old mother of four children
\"It\'s really popular, perhaps because it crosses many different passions: Nature, books, libraries, and people who just appreciate community projects.
\"She has hundreds of regular book visitors and constantly updated books.
So much so that since her family opened dozens of books in December, they no longer have to use their bookshelves.
Howard recalled the sad days of October when she and her husband, Jamie Howard, spent about $5,000 on a tree removal company, slowly removing their dead cotton at a time in two days.
\"I really hate to throw that tree out --
\"It has such a containment appeal,\" she said . \".
\"But the core has been rotten for years.
When it\'s time to dig out the stumps for my library, all we have to do is reach out and pull out the soft interior.
Howard said: \"It would be easier to imagine what the stumps would look like to see the trees dragged away.
She said that after she produced a library for the school fundraising auction, she decided to set up a free library (
Different designs)
Two years ago, she concluded she wanted one.
After outlining some of the ideas, Howard decided to design, and she decided to cut the stump into the shape of the house with the roof tip.
Once the interior was cleaned, she installed stone steps, covered with cedar wood tiles on the roof.
She then added some bookshelves to eBay and ordered an antique glass window for the door.
A neighbor provided his electrician skills and installed a lamp, and then Howard and her children made some small wooden books as models.
Now it\'s up and running, it\'s mostly selfsustaining.
In addition to keeping the book straight for the spine to look out, she left the library almost alone.
\"It\'s interesting to see what kind of books people add to the shelves,\" she said . \".
\"I like that even the most obscure titles will appear in someone\'s hands.
\"Howard\'s small Free Library has joined the network of more than 80,000 libraries in the United States and 91 countries.
The first free little library was built by the late Todd pole in Hudson, United States.
According to Margaret Aldridge, a spokeswoman for the small Free Library nonprofit, 2009.
The small library has a common principle: \"Take a book and a book.
Aldridge said she had seen libraries similar to rockets, Victorian buildings and Volkswagen minibuses, but Howard\'s Tree Library came up with the \"wow\" factor.
\"We love every detail of it, from the inviting green door to the warm lights inside and outside,\" she said . \".
\"Sharalee has created a truly magical experience that will inspire readers of all ages.
She took her, no-so-
Little Cotton Tree Library.
The final contact will be to select a name on her mini-book house and attach a sign, Howard said.
She has a leading candidate.
\"I want to call it the Street branch,\" she said \'. \" She nodded to the foundation of the library.
\"I like to think most people will get it.
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May be the happiest.
A small bookstore had to move.
Hundreds of people have formed a human chain to carry books.
People wait in line. Is it Hamilton?
No, it\'s Bob Rose on YouTube.
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