Three traps for buying wooden doors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-13

for many consumers, the hardest part of home decoration is to buy materials. As industry standards have not been introduced and the construction of industry service system is not perfect, for consumers, there are three major problems in purchasing wooden doors .

trap one: the charges are not transparent

when many consumers buy furniture products, they will lament the deep water in the household industry. In the wooden door industry, when consumers are more, they will be distressed that the charges are opaque. Take the whole wooden door as an example. There are several bedroom doors and several doors in a set of wooden doors. What is the details of the bathroom door? Many times, the merchants will not elaborate when selling, often giving a specific data. There is also a great deal of randomness in the price. Merchants can say that they can report whatever they want, and many consumers cannot understand it. The reason is that some merchants cannot accurately say the payment items,

Trap 2: The quotation fluctuates greatly

The price of a door in the wooden door industry can be very different. solid wood doors and composite wooden doors are both wooden doors, and the price is much lower, solid wood is far from the price of plastic door. Take solid wood door as an example. Hainan Huanghua pear and African Huali pear, although their names are Huali pear, one is high-grade wood and the other is ordinary wood. In other words, in the whole set of home decoration, there are differences in the materials used in the middle of the door, kitchen door and bathroom door. For consumers, it is easy to be misled when buying, although it is a whole set of wooden doors, if only the door is made of red oak, the other is pine. There are often merchants who quote at the price of the whole set of red oak, and there is a large floating range in the middle.

Trap 3: Consumption of bottomless pit

when many merchants sell wooden doors, they often say it is a low price discount, and even when some merchants sell wooden doors, almost zero profit, in the long run, the business will definitely lose money, then where does the profit come from? In fact, it is a series of charges after buying wooden doors. Handling fee, installation fee, some doors are discounted at a low price, so do not include door locks and hardware, but after the event, when the owner purchases hardware door locks, it is often necessary to buy at a price several times higher than the market. The original design of the wooden door is adjusted to increase or change the accessories, and the manufacturer will accumulate a large list of replenishment.

The above three chaos has always been a distressed problem for enterprises. Many enterprises are often traditional service systems. After helping agents open stores, there is nothing else. The bad behavior of agents, most of the time, enterprises cannot manage it. Integrity Management is the best rule for merchants through the ages. If the bad behavior of merchants cannot be restrained, then the industry may be able to properly introduce relevant content and carry out a substantial constraint. For corporate experience, the Gold Cup Silver Cup is not as good as the consumer's reputation.

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