top 10 shopping streets

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New York hell Kitchen Flea Market 2
Plaza de Dorego, Argentina, Argentina
, China Hong Kong application ShenXue Education 4.
Pampong night market, Bangkok, Thailand.
Chandni Chowk in Delhi, India.
Big Bazaar, Istanbul, turkey7
Italy Milan navili antique market.
Dapeng mark in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Paris, France.
London Portobello Road, Kitchen Flea Market in hell in England, New York City used to be a refuge for poor Irish immigrants, this community in the west of Manhattan now attracts a large number of people to the busy weekend market
Antiques, collectibles, souvenirs, junk-
All the rubbish used to be here.
Communicate with designers, artists, celebrities and actors.
Afterwards, head to one of the many ethnic restaurants in the area.
Plan: run a $1 shuttle between 39 street hell Kitchen Flea Market and antique garage/West 25 street market.
Plaza Dorrego is the capital of Argentina, and visitors flock to Plaza Dorrego on Sundays.
The cobblestone streets around the square are filled with tango musicians and dancers, street performers and puppets.
Enjoy local cuisine and watch the event from one of the cafes on the sidewalk.
Plan: start at 9 on Sunday. m. or 10 a. m.
Until later in the afternoon
Hong Kong Temple Street night market, after dusk, stroll in Kowloon Temple Street to create an atmosphere in Hong Kong.
Hundreds of stalls from crafts to cheap clothes, watches and appliances are on sale.
Many food stalls and sidewalk restaurants offer tempting aromas.
Planning: The market is open from 4 p. m. to 11 p. m.
Bangkok\'s Patpong Night Market, Thailand, is a pedestrian-only area filled with bars, sex shows and massage parlors, and has become a busy market after sunset.
If you want the latest Gucci, Levi\'s, Nike or Rolex, this is the ideal place for you.
Plan: train to Sala Daeng.
Take care of pickpockets.
Chandni Chowk in Delhi, India is engaged in the vitality of Asia\'s largest wholesale market.
The air is pungent and the elephant competes with the scooter as you go through the Crown to sniff spices, look for Sally, Cruise antiques, and flow with the frenzy.
Planning: bring mineral water to the dehydration Ward.
Carry a large amount of change.
The beautiful nuousmaniyeh Gate (
The light of Ottoman)
Explore the endless passages of mosques, banks, restaurants and more than 4,000 shops.
The largest covered market in Turkey offers traditional goods, including carpets, jewelry, glazed bricks and crockery, precious metals and the use of alabaster and meerschaum (a high-
High quality white hard clay).
Ready to bargain!
Planning: zinc tinburnu-Kabatas-
Go to the tram in cascaapi.
Rest on Sunday.
Watch your wallet.
Navigli antique market, Milan, between canals built to build a cathedral, once
The poor area of Navigli is now a trendy neighborhood full of nightlife.
Stroll beside lazy waterways in cafes, art galleries and craft shops in low-rise buildings with thick wooden doors.
You will almost certainly see an artist working in a bright colored courtyard.
The market was packed on Sunday, with more than 200 stalls selling antiques, BRIC countries-à-
And collectibles.
Local shops, bars, restaurants and some art galleries remain open on market day.
Planning: Between the navilio Grande and the Naveli opavis canal.
Metro: Porta Genova.
Go to tram 3 in kosodi portnez.
The last Sunday of this month, except July.
Located in the heart of Amsterdam\'s multicultural region, the \"real people\'s market\", Amsterdam\'s Dutch adventure tour.
On more than 250 stalls up and down each day, read carefully a wide variety of clothes, food and exotic items for an amazing price.
Plan: Tram No. 9 and No. 14.
Paris, the largest flea market in Europe, Les Puces (the fleas)
Continue to extend.
Expensive antiques, jewelry and premium items are all indoors, but outside you can wear them in old clothes for hours
Toys, abandoned appliances, vinyl records and beautiful beauties
It could be sold here if you can imagine itsomewhere!
Plan: Metro: Clignancourt gate.
Watch your wallet.
Don\'t hang around after dark.
On Saturday, Portobello Road, London, was crowded into the world\'s longest street market, stretching 1 kilometer. 5 miles (2. 4 km)
Selling antique, used clothes, mixed products from BRIC countriesà-
Brac, handicrafts and New Era supplies.
Many cafes, bars, arcades, galleries and food stalls add to the dynamic and international atmosphere.
Notting Hill Carnival, Europe\'s biggest street party, broke out in August when the area was full of color, music and dance.
Planning: Underground: Ladbroke Grove (antiques)
Or Notting Hill Gate (Everything else).
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