Top Tips on How To Care For Wooden Doors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-04-26
When you take delivery of one or more internal doors in pine, you will note they are striking in their looks, with each pine door having a personality with its variation of natural wood grain. A set of simpler hardwood wooden doors may require extra sealing to show off their appearance, however, pine doors look wonderfully warm and elegant, able to hold their own character. Stripped bare wooden doors, including pine, would benefit from a coat of varnish, however preparation is everything. Here are a few top tips on door care: * Take time to clean off any unwanted dust or debris and have ready a mix of water and TSP (trisodium phosphate) and warm water. * Wipe over your wooden doors with just a light amount of solution on a damp sponge, leaving it to dry in an air conditioned room. * When the wood has dried out, sand all your wooden doors with sandpaper 220 to 300 grit, remembering that the higher the numbers are then the finer the sandpaper is. Wipe off excess dust with damp cloth. * Gently apply your chosen colour of stain or clear varnish; sand in between the layers as each layer will deepen the colour. It is important that you check the instructions on your product as some manufacturers of polyurethanes recommend you use a clean cloth, while others prefer a sponge or even a paintbrush. Pine doors in particular tend to show off their beautiful sheen and individual markings or grains, and the right preparation and treatment will really show this off. However to complete the whole character you require from your wooden doors, choose a set of quality door accessories. At Kaybee Door we pride ourselves on our range of individual wooden doors and quality door accessories and are happy to help with the right selection.
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