travelling down the pilgrims\' road in rome

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-12
In addition to visiting the Roman arena, the Trevi Fountain and the Roman Forum, avril Ann bragaza found an interesting story in Gerusalemme\'s St. Croche Cathedral St. steps and St Peter\'s Cathedral in Rome on the first day of VincoliWe\'s unplanned.
But we know that the St. Croche Cathedral in Gerusalemme is not far from our hotel and the famous St. Giovanni Cathedral in Latino.
Pilgrims are known for collecting cultural relics from the Holy Land,
A replica of the size of the Turin shroud and its connection to Constantine and St.
Helen, a church often overlooked by tourists, is one of the seven pilgrimage churches in Rome.
After a while or so, we came to the church-an old white body with modern beige wings.
The current buildings are mainly Renaissance and Baroque buildings.
However, Helen\'s Church downstairs is considered to be the original church (dating 320 AD)
This is part of the Palace of sisoliano, the Roman royal residence of Constantine\'s mother Helena.
It is said that under the floor of the church is the soil of the Holy Land, from which you can see the name of the church.
Walking past the ancient wooden doors, we were stunned by the beautiful murals, stained glass and art reliefs.
The only one here, sitting there silently praying.
In the sanctuary church, there is a huge cross behind the glass box on the middle shelf.
It is said to be used to store fragments of the cross of Christ brought to Rome.
The holy thing of thorns, containing two thorns, is believed to belong to the crown of thorns placed on Christ\'s head.
Then there is the woodcut \"cruculus Crucis\" written in Hebrew, Greek and Latin.
With the development of history, it was discovered during the restoration of the church in 1492.
Other monuments include: the fragments of the confession thief\'s cross, a nail used on the cross, and a holy thing with a small whip pillar column (
Christ was tied to it when he was beaten)
Church of the holy tomb, Tomb of Christ, crib of Jesus and holyThomas’ index-
The bones of the fingers, also known as the \"clean fingers\" of the Holy \".
Thomas, he put him in the wound of the resurrected Christ.
A side room in the church takes us to one.
A replica of the size of the Turin Shroud, stretched on the wall, with blood and face of Christ on the wall.
There is the remains of a modern saint in another shrine, sixyear-
Old Anthony ETA Meo who died of bone cancer
She had vision, wrote to Jesus, and made a short prayer for him, giving him her pain.
She is currently considering formal sanctioning.
Then we went to Skarra Santa, a set of 28 white marble steps by Pontius Pilate at the prayer house in Jerusalem, which is believed to have been taken during the trial of Jesus
The stairs are apparently St. .
Helena of the 4 th century
Read the notice \"you can climb the sacred stairs only by kneeling down.
\"I just took three steps and started climbing my bone knee.
Through small glass holes in walnuts
The wooden packaging of the stairs, I saw the white marble steps and a few blood stains.
The pilgrims kissed the scene religiously, or put the rosary and other religious objects on the glass.
For those who can\'t climb on their knees, there are alternative stairs on both sides.
After arriving at the top of the mountain, I peeked through the grill in the mural-rich Sanctuary (Holy of Holies)
Private Chapel of the medieval pope.
The next day, we visited the vinolly church built for the remains of the miracle chain.
According to legend, Peter, The Apostle of Christ, was imprisoned and locked together in Jerusalem and Rome.
When Pope Leo I took Peter\'s chains from Jerusalem, the two chains were miraculously combined, which were given to him by Queen Eudoxia.
The church is also known for the magnificent mausoleum built by Michele Angelo Luo for Pope julius II, featuring his memorial to Moses.
The statue depicts Moses coming here from Mount Sinai and seeing the expression of the Israelites when they worship idols.
Our guide explained that the corner extended from his head depicts \"his power and the divine light after talking to God \".
The story and tranquility of the church made me want to come back as we walked out.
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