trial enters second week for san antonio man accused of killing business partner in 2015

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-28
Murder trial for 49 peopleyear-
San Antonio, who was accused of killing his business partner three years ago, allegedly returned Monday\'s testimony to the second week after the two argued.
Prosecutors, who are expected to close on Monday, began presenting witnesses and evidence in a trial against David James Gomez last week.
On the evening of April 7, 2015, he called the police twice.
The first call was to warn Isaias \"Isaac\" Flores that they were on their way to the Mercedes service store in Gomez, block 900, Bitters Road.
Shortly after the first call, Gomez called 911 again and reported that he had shot and killed commercial partner Flores, 42.
Prosecutors Stephanie Franco and Oscar Penner argued at the start of last week\'s trial that until shortly before the shooting, the men also ran the truck transport business together, transporting sand to the Eagle Ford shale is said to be because Flores wants to quit the industry.
Gomez\'s defense lawyers, George Scheffer and Jacqueline crebel, believe that Flores threatened Gomez over the phone and text for a while, and that when Gomez, it all came to the point of the fear of his life, shoot Flores in selfdefense.
Gomez pleaded not guilty to murder.
Last week, jurors watched Gomez\'s two interviews with detectives.
One day on the night of the shooting, Gomez was arrested more than two years later.
Gomez told police in an interview with police detective San Antonio that he and Flores were arguing and struggling in the office, and then Flores \"cleared the table\" and boarded the table.
At this point, Gomez, while pushing on the glass-
He told the police that the closet opened three shots and killed Flores.
Flores\'s body fell on the floor face down.
The prosecutor quickly pointed out to the jury on Friday that Gomez\'s interview did not exactly coincide, as confirmed by the second SAPD homicide detective, he led the jury to a second video taken two years later when he was arrested with another homicide detective.
Gomez said in the video that very frustrated Flores walked into his office and picked him up and threw him in the glass --door closet.
Gomez said the men struggled and Flores \"cleared the table\" and came over and Gomez shot at him.
Crime scene photos presented in court last week showed an office in chaos, equipment on the floor, broken glass on the closet\'s two-door, items scattered on the table, this does not seem to have been cleared.
A camera lens in the corner of the ceiling seems to have a rag covering the lens.
Murder is the first time.
A felony punishable by five to 99 years or life imprisonment.
If convicted, Gomez will be sentenced later by visiting Judge Dick Alcala, who will preside over the case in the felony impact court.
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