Types and differences of core materials

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-10
Wooden doors are purchased by every household during decoration, but how do merchants explain the price difference of wooden doors to you? How much do you know about wooden doors when you buy them? Now when people go to the home market to buy wooden doors and ask about the price, businesses may say which brand this is, the price is more expensive, or the price is higher due to the difference in core materials! The brand is not mentioned, mainly about the core material of wooden doors, which mainly includes the following categories: particleboard, fiberboard, honeycomb paper, fine core board and pure solid wood panel. Different core materials have different characteristics and purchasing skills! Particleboard is mainly made of wood scrap as the main raw material, which is adhered together by glue and formed into a certain thin plate through extrusion. This kind of material is mainly cheaper in price and better in material source, however, the load-bearing is relatively poor, so the extrusion is not very good. The internal filling of the normal wooden door is not recommended to use the particleboard, so it is easy to deform when exposed to water, and it is not soundproof, therefore, after-sales problems are easy to occur in the process of use, but some businesses will replace the internal core material with cheap particleboard in order to save money, so they should pay attention to the purchase of brand wooden doors in the purchase. Fiberboard is mainly made of wooden door fiber or other plant fiber, which is made of artificial core material with glue. The density is different, and the pressure resistance of the formed plates is different. However, in order to save money, many merchants produce some low-density boards, so the sound insulation effect of wooden doors is poor, it is easy to suffer from cracking or deformation problems in the later stage. Pure solid wood panel is the core material of the whole panel and is completely Added. The wooden door filled with pure solid wood has higher cost, uniform wood texture and stronger bearing capacity, however, due to the relatively high cost of wooden doors made of this material and the relatively high requirements on the manufacturing process of wooden doors, it is relatively rare in wooden doors, however, in the purchase, it can be identified by sound and other means. When the pure solid wood wooden door is knocked, the sound is dull, and it will be accompanied by a certain sense of heaviness and heavy weight, therefore, this can be used as a reference standard in the purchase. The fine core board is mainly made of some composite veneers, which are mainly adhered by glue and then processed by hot pressing process. This kind of fine core board is more common, with different thickness and lower cost, however, the phenomenon of glue cracking is easy to occur in use, and the phenomenon of formaldehyde content exceeding the standard is easy to occur when glue is used for bonding, so it is not very environmentally friendly. Honeycomb paper is made according to the principle of honeycomb structure in nature. It connects corrugated base paper into numerous hollow three-dimensional regular hexagon by glue bonding method to form a whole force-bearing piece-- A new type of sandwich structure environment-friendly and energy-saving material formed by bonding paper core on both sides of the paper has the advantages of light weight, less materials and low cost. However, its shortcomings are also very Fatal. Its anti-destructive performance is poor, it is very easy to destroy, and its moisture resistance is also very poor. Therefore, wooden doors using honeycomb paper as core materials generally have a short service life. The above is about the types and differences of core materials. If you want to know more about the problem, please come to consult.
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