Types of Wood For Doors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-04-26
Wood is the most popular material for doors. It is solid, hard, and sturdy and offers protection and privacy to the inhabitants of a house or room. Wooden doors have been used from times unknown and its use hasn't dipped much even though there has been much advancement in material sciences. The cheapness and customization of designs of wood is simply irreplaceable. There is however, confusion on which type of wooden door is to be selected. Although most wood types can be used for making doors, the longevity of these doors depends upon the type of wood used. Mahogany This is a type of tropical hardwood, which is found all around the world. It has a natural reddish brown color that darkens over time. A reddish sheen is characteristic of the mahogany furniture when polished. It is a favorite among carpenters as it can be easily worked with to form doors, furniture, cabinets and so on. It is heavy, hard and comes with a crushing strength. It is also displays moderate resistance to decay that can be enhanced by treating with wood paint or varnish. The grain of the wood is typically straight or interlocked. Spanish cedar This is softwood and is naturally aromatic and termite resistant. Obviously, wood of such quality does not come cheap. The tree is usually found in regions of the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America. Like its cousin, the Mahogany, with which it shares a similar grain pattern, it is easy to work with and is used to make plywood and wood veneer. Due to its natural resistance, it is a perfect door material with colors from reddish brown to light shades of pink. However, when used as plywood, it is best not to expose it to wet conditions as this can damage it. Oak This is very popular among door builders because this wood offers great strength and is quite hard. The high tannin content makes it resistant to insects and pests. The House of Commons, England used oak wood for its internal paneling. The wood is also used to make wine as the barrels provide refinement and texture to the beverage. The red oak is chosen for its open grain pattern and has a color ranging from medium brown to red. It exhibits shock resistance and mineral streaks across its surface. The white oak variety is denser with color range from white to light brown. Metals however, do leave their mark when in contact with white oak. Teak This hardwood is used extensively in countries like India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Burma where it is a native tree. Its popularity however has propelled its cultivation in many other countries as well. Its resistance to termite attacks has resulted in it being used for doors, frames and beams. The wood has a high content of oil, tight grain texture and good tensile strength making it a prized wood for wooden creations. It is durable and requires very little maintenance. In fact, any external maintenance may actually damage it! Recognizing these woods is a tough ask for novices, so it is best to ask a friendly carpenter to help you in your choice. As you have learnt the above features of different types of wood, you may choose the desired type for furnishing your homes efficiently.
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