Update and Upgrade your Home with Composite Doors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-04-25
Typically there are three main types of doors used within homes today including wooden doors, uPVC doors and finally the newest and most up to date door material which is composite doors. Wooden doors are the typical door used; they are common amongst older homes and are the earliest type of door used in homes and offices across the world. These doors have varied in designs and styles throughout the years meaning they have been able to become more attractive whilst remaining highly popular with those who prefer a more traditional appearance to their homes. Whilst wood remains highly desirable even in the 21st century there have been undeniable flaws of the traditional wooden door including; bowing, weather damage, cracking and colour fading. uPVC doors are more modern than the wooden doors and they are highly popular for many reasons; mainly the reason for their popularity is the cheapness of the material especially when comparing this to expensive wooden doors. uPVC doors have a higher resistance to weathering and require little/no maintenance across the years. However flaws with both the wooden and the uPVC door are very similar; due to the nature of their build and the fact that they are created from one material they are limited in terms of design and style. However, composite doors are the newest and most innovative material commonly used for doors. By observation of single materials doors, it is easy to be able to discover the flaws with each material. The composite door has been made using a variety of materials whilst phasing out the use of those problem materials. The main concern for a front door to an office or home is that it is safe and strong, in effect restricting the ability for unwanted visitors i.e. burglars and thieves from force entering a property. That's why composite doors have become such a widely used door; they are made up from a variety of materials including PVC, wood, insulating foam and glass reinforced plastic which results in a very strong and secure door. These doors are made up of materials that have a very high resistance to weathering and will not react to seasonal changes unlike previously developed doors. Appealingly the composite door is designed to appear as a wooden door without the prospect of fading, discolour or maintenance - as you can guess this door structure has been highly popular and successful because this superior quality has taken all the desirable qualities and projected them into one door available for multi use across homes, offices and other properties.
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