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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-10-02
Varanasi: the old gate of the city, commonly known as \"patthar ka darwaza\", is either rotting or being replaced by modern architecture.
Walk in Pucca Mohal (
This is a stone house in the old district of the city)
In addition to places such as mahodari, dashavamde, Bengali Torah, Shivala, Kedarghat, many such houses with majestic gates can be seen
Although modern doors have replaced many, there are still several doors in many places.
Made of beautifully carved wood by a carpenter, one door is used for one-on-oneand-a-
Completed half a year.
\"The old man who knows how to make these doors is no longer there.
No Carpenter is alive now.
What we have learned from our father and grandfather is that these doors used to be prepared with a piece of wood.
In order to shape the door, the wood is cut, carved and decorated.
The door is often called \"patthar ka darwaza\" because the frame of the door is made of stone. The chowkhath (stone-
Door frame on floor)
The house used to be an integral part of those days, \"said Carpenter Basantu.
RH Khan of Kashipura, a woodworking business for generations, said the doors used to weigh about 5 to 6 typical.
It is difficult to lift the door easily.
Sagwan shesen (teak)and aakhu (sal)wood was used.
The cost of these doors can be sold from seesam for Rs 22,000 per square foot and the fact that sagwan and sakhu sell these days for Rs 3,000 to Rs 2,000 per square foot.
The wood is soaked together with mustard oil to avoid the growth of termite and to make the door look shiny.
\"Several other technologies have been used in manufacturing these doors, but these technologies are no longer available.
Traditional doors have been replaced by modern ones.
In the big log wood is also not available in today\'s era.
\"The work is now done by machines and software,\" he said . \".
Bal Krishna Gujarat, a resident of the gurgaal region, said, \"according to Hindu traditions, it is a warm and gentle ritual to bow down when entering.
The height of these doors is within the range of 4. 5 to 5 feet.
The oldest door in the area is Gopal Mandir, which is believed to have a history of 325.
Most of the temples, Musi, ashrams and royal palaces around the West high mountain of varana have such doors.
\"The vivid presence of Gujarat, Marathi, Bengali, Nepal and South Indian settlements in different parts of the ghanga did not make any difference in the pattern of these old doors.
\"The difference is the decoration style of the door,\" Krishna said . \".
Professor Kalyan Krishna of BHU said that the door used to be very strong and it guaranteed prisoners to be protected from intruders and attacks.
Subhash Yadav, a regional archaeological official, said the doors were mostly found in the Pucca Mohal area.
The Stones needed to make the frame and the walls of the House are brought from Chunna.
Most existing doors may have a history of 200 to 300.
The doors are outlined by murals and folk pictures such as palm leaves, kalash, Nazi flowers, and short people.
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