venezuelan opposition aide is seized, us and allies protest

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-11
CARACAS, Venezuela
Senior aides to Venezuelan opposition leader Juan guaydo were taken away late at night by masked intelligence officers who broke in early Thursday and were condemned by the United States and other countries, the countries are trying to expel President Nicolas Maduro.
Washington has demanded the immediate release of Roberto Marrero, chief of staff at guaydo, whose whereabouts have not been immediately disclosed after the attack on his Caracas residence.
Interior Minister Nestor Luis Reverol said Marrero was detained as part of the operation of the group to combat \"terrorists.
According to Reverol, Marrero confiscated weapons and arrested a bodyguard.
The chief prosecutor\'s office says senior aides at guaydo are under investigation on charges including conspiracy to kill Maduro.
Mr. Maduro said on state television that his government was dismantling a broader network of \"terrorism.
After a relatively calm period, police pressure on the opposition has increased sharply.
However, guaydo described the operation as a sign of Maduro\'s loss of power in a country that has suffered years of economic hardship and political polarization.
\"Either he did not dare to imprison me, or he was not responsible,\" the leader of the opposition, guaydo --
Said in an appearance at a school.
He also said that some of the head of the Venezuelan intelligence service called him and said that they were not involved in it, which meant a split in their team.
The United Nations has expressed \"concern\" over the detention of Marrero and has once again called on all parties to \"ease tensions and avoid any action that could lead to further escalation\", while the United StatesS.
S. Secretary of State Mike Pompey said on Twitter: \"We will hold people accountable.
\"Guaydo believes he is the legitimate leader of Venezuela, Maduro\'s re-
Last year\'s election was illegal because the main opposition figures were not allowed to run. The U. S.
Some 50 other countries are on the side of guaydo, and Washington has imposed sanctions to try to remove Maduro. The U. S.
He warned the Maduro government not to take action against guaydo.
In Washington, the Venezuelan envoy of President Donald Trump, Elliot Abrams, said he believes the Maduro government is concerned about the reaction of the international community, and if the Maduro government tries to arrest guaydo, the target may be aimed at the assistant of guaydo.
He repeated Trump\'s statement, \"all options are on the table,\" but he said, \"We are not considering the military option now.
Maduro and his ally Russia say they are worriedS.
Possible planned military intervention in Venezuela
The Lima Group, an association of a dozen Latin American countries and Canada, also condemned the detention of Marrero.
Marrero reported the raid on the phone that was recorded and spread on social media.
When he described how a large number of intelligence officers had entered his home, heavy voices could be heard.
Opposition MP Carlos berrizbetia said security forces broke through the screen doors and wooden doors into the house and opened drawers during the search.
Dozens of security officials were involved.
The residence of Sergio Vigara, another opposition MP, was also searched.
Vergara said he was woken up by a heavy strike on the door and the agents pointed at him with weapons.
Prosecutors in Venezuela say guaydo has been investigated for alleged violence and serious state power outages.
Maduro claimed that the power outage was caused by the United States. S. -
Officials in the United States and the Venezuelan opposition have blamed mismanagement and corruption.
Associated Press reporter Luis Alonso\'s contribution in Washington.
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