victoria conservatory of music series opens doors for faculty

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Content: where are the masters, friends and mentors: Wood Hall, Victoria Conservatory of Music, 900 Johnson Street
Sunday, November. 4, 2:30 p. m. Tickets: $20. 35 and $22.
Through ticket sales.
Com, tel: 250-386-
5311, or in person at the Victoria Conservatory of Music, the first works of the new chamber music series at the Victoria Conservatory of Music are designed to showcase the work of emerging Canadian bands and artists. But the three-
Some series also give progressive music schools the opportunity to show regularly
Its faculty members are neglected skills, and many of them will appear on stage before the end of the series in April 4.
\"People don\'t always know that many of us are active performers, it\'s a way for us to hold concerts, and we believe people will like it,\" pianist Robert Holliston said . \", Music College keyboard department.
\"But it also gives us a chance to perform outside of our daily roles.
The series includes music performances and poems from February. 10, a poetry-
A selection of Mozart, prenck and shostankovic, as well as the Juno Award April 4 performance --
Win the New oford string quartet, one of the best in Canada.
The quartet featured Jonathan Crowe, the star concert master of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, who studied at the Victoria Conservatory before joining the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, the youngest --
He was a concert master of the main North American orchestra.
On Sunday afternoon, Holliston will appear in the Wood Hall of the recently renovated Masters, friends and mentors of the Conservatory of Music, the official will
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This collaborative outing takes part in the violin competition with Simon McDonald, a faculty member at other music colleges.
MacDonald, the artistic director of the Youth Artists Academy program, was recently appointed head of the school\'s string department and will join Holliston in the performance of Mozart and the 19th-century master\'s work in Cesar, France.
The two will also perform four early 20th-century modernist works from Anton Wellborn.
In honor of their long-standing professional relationship, Holliston and Macdonald decided to present Beethoven\'s double Sonata in C minor, the first one they played together.
\"It seems natural that we do solo sessions together,\" Holliston said . \".
MacDonald was one of Holliston\'s first students to start playing as a lecturer when he came to the conservatory in 1988.
He accompanied MacDonald and other string students to festivals, exams and concerts under the guidance of Sydney Humphries.
Humphreys also taught Crows from the new oford string quartet, who thought the former string coach was one of his biggest influences.
Performing with Macdonald 30 years ago gave Holliston a chance to pay forward.
Humphreys and James Hunt were then string teachers at the Conservatory, and Holliston played with their students when he was a music theory student at the conservatory in the late 1960 s. “I considered [
Humphries and Hunter
My mentor, so when I\'m more experienced, it\'s great to come back and work with their students, \"he said.
Holliston hopes that the new chamber music series will return to the Music Academy.
Play a multi-faceted role in the community.
Music performance and poetry in February.
10 will be equipped with the head of the keyboard, wind, brass, strings and voice department of the conservatory --
He remembered that the performances he saw in the early days of the Conservatory were not different.
Victoria trio in their 70 s
Time interior group featuring the Faculty of Music, Humphries and Hunter, and Robin Wood, piano teacher at hollyston Conservatory of Music.
The three played in schools in the region, further promoting the spirit of cooperation and chamber music --
Between the students playing and the teachers
Profit greenhouse
According to Holliston, the spirit still exists today.
\"The idea of showing the chamber music series is just to admit that the conservatory of music is rooted in this music to a certain extent.
\"Mdevlin @ time colonists.
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