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Display: HARDBALLDate: November 15, 2017 guest Ruth Marcus ilekols, Toluse Olorunnipa, Rosie, Sam Stein. Bret Stephens;
Anna Clare volles, host of MSNBC, Vince Di pirochris Matthews: Two more plaintiffs.
Let\'s play hard ball \". ”Good evening.
I\'m Chris Matthews from San Francisco.
The national Republican Party gave him up, but Roy Moore said he would not resign.
The Republican National Committee ended its field campaign in Alabama to assist him in his campaign.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suggested writing an article.
In the campaign of the attorney general there, Jeff Sessions.
Fox\'s Sean hanniti issued an ultimatum to Moore to clarify the inconsistency in the story. (
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Sean hanniti, Fox News anchor: For me, the judge has 24 hours.
You must immediately and fully provide a satisfactory explanation of your inconsistency that I have just shown.
You must eliminate any doubts.
If you can\'t do that then judge Moore needs to get out of the game. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Matthews: While there are reports that Steve Bannon is considering abandoning Moore, NBC reports that he is currently on Moore\'s side.
Despite the pressure, Moore is still not convinced.
He denied the charges, and today he tweeted that we believe in God, the Constitution, the sanctity of life and the sanctity of marriage.
We are everything the Washington elite hates.
They will stop us at all costs.
We won\'t give up.
Last night, Judge Moore joked about his situation. (
Start Video Editing)ROY MOORE (R)
Senate candidate in Alabama: Obviously, I\'m getting some life mad.
I\'m the only one who can unite Democrats and Republicans.
Because I seem to disagree with both.
Why do you think they bother me?
Why do you think I was harassed by the media and the people pushing the charges on the last 28 days of this election?
This is not only the fight between Democrats and Republicans, but also the way they vote on the issue.
This is a battle of spirit. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MATTHEWS: Well, NBC News interviewed one of Moore\'s plaintiffs, Leigh Corfman, who said Moore chased her when she was 14.
Moore denied the charge today.
She told NBC that I support the story, which is absolutely true.
I have nothing to get, nothing to lose.
At the same time, there are two very different photos of the position of the game.
According to a new poll in Alabama, judge Moore leads the Democratic challenger by six points, six points higher than Doug Jones.
But NBC News received part of a nationwide Republican Senate committee vote that canceled support for Moore.
It shows that the Republican Party is 12 points behind Jones.
Did they post bad news to this guy to get him out of the game?
Anyway, the Commission did not share the rest of the vote, nor did it say which polling company actually did the vote, which was very despicable.
Anyway, as I said, two more plaintiffs came forward this evening.
In a new report by al.
On 1991, a woman accused Moore of fumbling for her in his legal office.
Another woman said she was 17. year-
Old Roy Moore asked her.
She said she refused him and he left.
Well, NBC News responded to the campaign.
We have not received a response so far.
Anna Claire volles is a reporter for Al.
Who broke the story?
Sam Stein, political editor of The Daily Beast, and Brett Stephens, columnist for The New York Times, also joined me tonight.
\"Let me go to Anna Claire volles for this matter.
Anna, tell us about these two cases.
They are different types of inappropriate behavior, some of which are illegal, perhaps not.
But what do you think?
Tell us about them?
Anna Clare volles, a media group in Alabama: You know, I wouldn\'t have reported this if I didn\'t think both women were credible.
One of them reached out to me and wanted to tell her story.
Another, I was directed by another person I had been talking.
I reached out to her.
She finally decided to tell her story.
It\'s my job to be skeptical about these things, but when I go deep into it and talk to them several times and do research, I find what they say is very credible.
Matthews: The first one is a mature woman in her 20 s. what inappropriate things did you say he did?
Just describing the misconduct there? VOLLERS: Sure.
She went with her mother to his law firm in ghazden, Alabama, and signed some documents on custody.
Her mother hired Roy Moore as a private lawyer to handle the matter.
They went to the office to sign the papers.
She said he started flirting with her at once.
She said he told her how beautiful she was and her eyes were beautiful.
She said he asked her out for a date or something.
When they finished, they got up and left, and her mother walked out of the door first.
She said she went out and Roy Moore was behind her and he grabbed her ass. [19:05:08]
Matthews: Another case is more like another case, a teenage girl, an older man type situation.
Yes, she is the hostess of the Red Lobster restaurant in Gaston. She was 17.
She is a high school student.
One day, she said, he walked up to her in the restaurant, where he was very famous, and he asked her out for a date.
She said she told him, do you know how old I am?
She said, he said, yes, I have been going out with girls of your age. MATTHEWS: Wow.
Let me go find Sam Stein.
Thank you for your report.
We will be back to you in a moment.
Sam, this seems to be-
I mean, all of us are far from this case.
So we don\'t know, it was a few years ago, but the model is so powerful.
I mean, when he was in his 30 s, he was considered a person who had to be banned from the local shopping center and sounded like a good place for teenagers to hang out.
What is he doing outside?
Why he has to be banned is a surprisingly bad situation.
An adult with a degree in law, an assistant D. A.
Even, his trolling behavior, due to his terrible behavior, had to be banned from entering public space.
It seems to me that this is a very difficult fact to deny.
If you hear this from so many people
Sam Stein, political editor of The Daily Beast: Well, I think if he was elected, it would definitely be the first in the Senate, the first to be banned from the mall before being elected.
Matthews: but it was accepted by the Senate, but it was banned by a shopping mall.
Stan: I think it\'s a voter.
You know, reporting, I think the reporting process in this story is critical to the story that this reporter has been on the scene.
They heard the rumors and stories.
They have been trying to follow up, talk to people, put them on the record, and then confirm their story with other sources.
This is good journalism.
I know Roy Moore says it\'s all fake news and it\'s part of the institutional media.
But these people are not from Washington, D. C. C.
Or in New York City or Acela court.
These people go to Alabama, talk to the local people in Alabama, listen to the stories Alabama told them, and report.
I think the problem with Roy Moore is that this is not a fictional story.
This is what he found in the past, but it is clearly known that it is only talking about it now.
Matthews: Brett, you know, since World War II, I \'ve been trying to make politics since I was a child.
I have to tell you.
There is a certain pattern.
Which Side Are You On?
It has become more vicious recently, but it does not seem important.
If you are on one side, you will endure any bad things on your side.
You said, your old man is on the other side too, stick to your side.
Is there a critical point?
Is there anything, even alt-
Is it right, or should I say that even the hard rights won\'t be accepted?
Is this written by someone like Mitch McConnell? I think he\'s very restrained in these things, I like it, he\'s been writing over the years, and in this case you\'re not just saying, fuck you, you\'re on the other side, you are the authority, you are the elite, I am with my people.
Is there a critical point?
Brett Stephens, New York Times columnist: I think the precedent here when David Duke ran for governor of the state of Luis Anna and George H. was 1991W.
Bush and other Republicans support his Democratic opponents because of course Duke is very bad for the Republican brand.
I think Moore is just trying to satisfy this test.
On the other hand, I feel that I have a mixed sense of how Republicans are trying to take Mulligan\'s action against Moore.
He was the one they nominated.
He\'s pretty good.
Even before the recent allegations came to light, the numbers were known.
They should have this kind of candidate if it\'s just a lesson that people like Steve Bannon are addicted to politics.
Someone, at some point, the Republicans learned the lesson that if they went with a candidate like Moore, they would end up with such a result.
MATTHEWS: Well, it\'s hard-no matter how bad he looks, you have to catch him because you have to teach yourself how bad he looks.
I see.
We are going to go back to that, because I think we have seen the weaknesses of American political institutions over the years.
We have seen how bad the leadership is.
How boring they are, how cold they are.
They didn\'t say anything new except how to raise money, which is the latest way.
Now we are learning the shortcomings of outsiders.
Anyway, as I said, Republicans in Washington continue to change jobs. Let`s watch it. (
Start Video Editing)SEN.
Richard Shelby (R)
Alabama: We have had a disturbing situation in Alabama.
Man: Do you want to write it yourself?
Shelby: I won\'t write it myself.
I wouldn\'t do that.
But I will write as an outstanding Republican. SEN.
Lindsey Graham (R)
South Carolina: I met a lot of people on the ball and it would be bad if you got kicked out.
I don\'t want the Republicans to tolerate such behavior because it\'s overwhelming when this person has a problem. [19:10:07]SEN. JOHN CORNYN (R)
Texas: think it\'s appropriate for me to withdraw my support.
I think this is clearly in the hands of voters in December 11.
Unidentified male: If a choice is made between the Democratic Party and Roy Moore, I will choose the Democratic Party. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Matthews: I want to praise Lindsey Graham.
He has a good sense of humor.
Almost anyone can hang out at the mall.
No criteria for admission.
And find that you are banned from the shopping center.
Anyway, there is no indication that Republicans in Alabama are divorced from Moore.
The president of the state party raised this warning to Republicans in the state and even considered supporting third-party candidates.
Quoting \"any candidate, independent person, third party or written material that is publicly recognized by any current Republican official or candidate on the other side is a serious mistake --
So are the candidates in the general election.
I have heard that no Republican elected official or candidate has even considered this option.
\"Well, under the Republican rules of Alabama, if any candidate publicly supports other candidates than the Republican Party, the party can leave them out of the vote for six years.
Anita, how much do we know about this?
Is there any political news below?
I know you\'re reporting misconduct, serious things, but politically, anything that could get the Republicans through, is there still a Republican senator, Richard Shelby, Alabama?
VOLLERS: national Republican leaders are moving on soon, but here we really don\'t hear anything like that from local Republican leaders.
I believe it was earlier this afternoon.
Some of our biggest counties, one in northern Alabama and one in Shelby County near Birmingham, came out to support Moore.
So he still has strong support from the Republican Party here.
Anna Claire, explain.
Just because they have known him for many years, do they like the way he stands up for the Ten Commandments?
What did he say on social issues?
Is this his history, his legacy?
I want to say, what is the reason they like him that allows them to get rid of this real embarrassment? VOLLERS: Yes.
He has been talking about the concerns of Alabama voters for decades.
I mean, he\'s around here.
Long before Steve Bannon or someone else showed up, he was Roy Moore.
People like his appearance.
I think there may be more now than ever, and he\'s been talking about the Constitution.
He talked a lot about his beliefs.
These are the real concerns of Alabama voters.
I think it\'s hard for them to separate Roy Moore in their mind, and they think they \'ve known for more than 30 years with what they hear now.
Matthews: So how desperate the case is for Roy Moore and his lawyer.
This is his lawyer who appeared on MSNBC earlier today with Ali Weishi and Stephanie luller.
When the lawyer was asked about Moore\'s comment that he did not remember dating a teenage girl, he strangely referred to Ali Weixi\'s own reference to the \"background\" closed reference.
Let\'s take a look at this rough exchange here. (Start Video)
Stephanie Ruhr, MSNBC anchor: if Roy Moore doesn\'t remember, how can he say it\'s definitely fake?
Second, if the mother of these girls is not a minor, why does he need their permission?
Trenton Garmon, counsel for Roy Moore: of course.
This is a good question.
Culturally speaking, I would say there is a difference, check the background of Ali, wow, you have such a diverse background, that\'s great.
It\'s really cool to read it again.
But the problem is
RUHLE: Ali\'s background and 14-year-old?
GARMON: I don\'t know the background of it yet.
Well, please answer.
What does Ali Wahi\'s background have to do with dating children under 14year-old girls? GARMON: Sure.
In other countries, we will arrange through parents-RUHLE: Ali from Canada.
Ali from Canada
I understand that.
Ali has also been in other countries.
So do I.
So it\'s not a bad thing.
Ali velshi, msnbc anchor: I don\'t know where you\'re going with this. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Matthews: What do you think of this, Sam?
We know him-
He tried to talk about how they had Harry and all sorts of other countries --
Normally, unlike something we don\'t like, he says Ali comes from a different background than the North American Caucasian world.
Whatever they\'re doing
I don\'t know what he\'s doing.
Maybe he will be more sympathetic or accused of being more sympathetic to the 14-year-oldyear-olds?
I mean, I can\'t say anything. It`s just like.
MATTHEWS: Well, you know.
You can\'t say anything, Sam, but you know, I know what he\'s doing.
Everyone knows what he is doing.
I mean, basically racism.
But it doesn\'t make any sense either.
Like he said Roy Moore is acceptable because there is a culture for people with Indian ancestry-I can\'t even put it-I can\'t draw boundaries in my mind.
Maybe I\'m slow, but it doesn\'t make much sense.
I think it shows that Roy Moore found the big hole he was in.
Yes, it may be acceptable for voters in Alabama, but if he is going to win, he still has to play and if he comes to Washington, he still has to question what happened. C.
It will be a rude awakening for Roy Moore.
As a way out, you can\'t insult the legacy of Ali Weixi. [19:15:26]
Matthews: Sam, I think we have to call this the defense of Lowell Bernard.
Here we are.
We do different things here.
I mean, come on.
Let me have a rest.
Thank you, Anna Claire.
Anna Claire Wallers who broke the news
As always, Sam Stein and Brett Stephens
Next, of course, we will have more information about Roy Moore.
The latest allegations and the new counterattack of his team, as well as the silence of the Great Twitter, interesting silence.
Ron Reagan will come with us in a minute.
In addition, the \"Hard Ball\" round table and the troubles Trump is now facing in Washington.
He and his party are doubling their efforts to eliminate Obamacare while they want to give tax cuts to the rich.
A big show tonight, an important moment.
Witnesses to the assassination
We\'re going to talk to the guy who caught Bobby Kennedy, who was caught on the spot when he was shot at the Ambassador Hotel.
After the assassin\'s bullet hit Bobby, Vincent ditillo lifted him up.
He will tell us his story tonight.
Finally, let me end tonight\'s thinking on the night of 1968, which determines fate.
This is \"hard ball\" and the action is here. (
Business break)[19:17:34]
Matthews: in the 2016 Republican primary, Donald Trump repeatedly mocked Marco Rubio Jr. , who called him and even teased senators in his State of the Union address about the water cut. Here`s Trump. (
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US President Donald Trump: Do you remember the disaster when they asked Mark to refute President Obama\'s speech?
He\'s like, we will, I need water, help me, I need water! Help!
He is-it\'s live TV! It`s Rubio! (END VIDEO CLIP)
Matthews: In any case, Trump has his own Rubio moment at the White House today. Let`s watch. (
Start Video Editing)
Trump: Japanese companies have announced a $8 billion investment in the United States, creating 17,000 jobs. Thank you.
They have no water. That`s OK. What? Oh, it`s OK. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MATTHEWS: Well, Senator Rubio responded on twitter that the president quoted \"need to revise his form \".
It has to be done in an action and the eyes should never leave the camera.
But not bad for his first time.
Rubio has become interesting.
We will be back soon. (
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Matthews: Welcome back to hard ball.
Even before the latest allegations against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore in Alabama, Moore\'s advisers launched their own counterattack against one of Moore\'s plaintiffs. (
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Roy Moore\'s lawyer, Philip jarger: I traveled with Judge Moore across different states across the country.
I attended about 100 different meetings with him, and the number of ladies present by Judge Moore may exceed 10,000.
I have never seen him take inappropriate action against any woman, any woman at a time. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MATTHEWS: Well, Beverly Young Nelson said Monday that she was sexually assaulted by Moore when she was 16, when he asked her to go home from her work at the restaurant.
She spoke to reporters accompanied by counsel Gloria Olette. (
Start Video Editing)
Roy Moore, plaintiff, Mr. Beverly Young Nelson
Moore reached out and touched me. he put his hand on my breast.
I tried to open the door to leave but he reached out and locked the door so I couldn\'t get out.
I tried to drive him away while calling him to stop, but instead of stopping, he started squeezing my neck and trying to press my head on his crotch.
He gave up at some point.
Then he looked at me.
He said to me, \"You\'re just a child.
He said: \"I am the district attorney of ettova County. ”(END VIDEO CLIP)
Matthews: Nielsen also said that Moore even signed her high school yearbook with the words \"I can\'t say Merry Christmas to a sweeter, more beautiful girl. Christmas 1997.
Dear, Roy Moore, Roy Moore, DA\"
But Moore\'s campaign lawyer is controversial about Moore\'s handwriting in the yearbook. (
Start Video Editing)
Now, Judge Moore has not only denied everything she had said before, but has now categorically denied it.
He said it\'s not true.
Excuse me, we have a handwriting expert looking at these.
But here\'s the problem.
Handwritten experts can\'t read a copy online, can they?
They have to look at the original.
So now, our lawyer, Trent Garmon, has sent a letter to or is writing a letter to Gloria Orde requesting the publication of the yearbook. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Matthews: no matter what, be a lawyer.
Nelson claims that he did not answer any questions, nor did he resolve any charges against Moore originally reported by The Washington Post.
Moore himself denied the Washington Post\'s claims that they were false.
More, The Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus and Ron Reagan, political analyst at MSNBC, joined me.
I want to start with Ruth.
You can see this lawyer.
He\'s obviously a lawyer.
My client said, he said, my client said, my client said.
He\'s not saying he believes him.
It looks like tactics.
They play with Sean hanniti, and among all of them, he\'s playing Spencer Tracy now, saying he\'s going to be a judge. (LAUGHTER)MATTHEWS: Fine.
If he can get away with it, Sean\'s fine.
But the truth is, it\'s tactical in my opinion. I`m asking you.
Yes, let\'s get the original.
We want to see the actual Yearbook.
Of course, Gloria Orde will never give up anything without some kind of negotiation.
She will postpone it.
She is now calling for a Senate hearing.
They\'re all playing the game of time.
But this is going to give Sean a chance tonight to have him at least a few days.
Looks like it\'s all tactical.
Of the five allegations against Justice Moore, only one involved five, and only one involved five at a press conference where there was no problem. Your thoughts?
Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post: When you\'re a defense lawyer, you work with him-he\'s basically the role of a defense lawyer-and you can only deal with the facts that you have at hand.
This is an ugly one, no. very-
A series of powerful facts in Roy Moore\'s defense.
At that press conference, I didn\'t hear anything that I found to be acquittal.
The campaign advisor said he had seen Roy Moore with thousands of women and had never seen any bad behavior.
We all know from Harvey Weinstein and others, guess what?
This is not the way things happen, not in public.
It happened behind closed doors.
Even they can\'t even say that the handwriting experts would dispute the matter.
No one will ever write-if you make it up, you won\'t write the strange words of Roy Moore.
I don\'t know what Sean hanniti will say, but I absolutely don\'t believe it.
Matthews: Ron Reagan, I think in the next three weeks we\'ll see this guy sticking to the end, every dirty trick in this book.
The one of Ali Weixi, \"you people, you understand. ”(LAUGHTER)
Matthews: I mean his ethnic background.
The whole thing is too low so under the belt.
There is a person who is said to be an accident in New York, named Bernie Bernstein, calling to say, do you have any opinion on the judge?
We don\'t want to investigate.
We use it to smear him.
It\'s getting dirty, but it\'s kind of bringing all the mice out.
Now everyone will know all the dirty tricks of the industry.
Ron Reagan, MSNBC contributor: of course, these Republicans who have been angered by Harvey Weinstein are also fascinating, they should be, we should all be, Kevin Spicey, Louis C. K.
By the way, all these people are resting.
Harvey Weinstein has been making movies for longer.
Kevin Spacey is no longer on TV. Louis C. K.
The comedy special was canceled.
Roy Moore, on the other hand, might go to the Senate, you know?
Donald Trump has a big problem at hand because Donald Trump is expected to make some comments about it.
What would Donald Trump say to Roy Moore and his plaintiffs who sound very much like the plaintiffs of Donald Trump?
They said the same thing.
Of course, the difference between Donald Trump and Roy Moore is that we don\'t have Roy Moore bragging about doing this on tape.
Matthews: let me go back to Ruth.
Like today, you have been to many media.
What do you think about the stress on the White House lawn or anywhere?
What do you do-what do you think of the game they are playing about the yearbook?
Marcus: yearbook?
I\'m not sure about the yearbook game you said.
DoNews: Well, Allred thought-I think Allred got the yearbook at Christmas with the happy signature of the young girl of this older man who thought he was his girlfriend
And then we have-and then we have Moore\'s lawyer saying, oh, we want to look at the actual yearbook because that way we can do the proper handwriting analysis. MARCUS: Right.
Matthews: children, they want to stretch the baby very long.
Marcus: Yes, good luck.
But, like I said, it\'s just a kind of-when you have bad things in real time, you will do what you can to deal with them.
They have a bunch of really bad facts here.
Let me make a bold prediction.
They will only get worse.
As great as my colleague\'s Washington Post in the newsroom, I don\'t think they found Roy Moore\'s only four women in Alabama who harassed or asked when he was a teenager. MATTHEWS: Yes.
Marcus: they didn\'t.
I suspect there are more bad facts to deal with for lawyer Moore.
I think, as Ron suggested, the question of what President Trump will do is very interesting because he is in a very bad situation.
Basically, he asked all Senate Republicans to say that I believe in women.
If he says, I believe in women, then the problem becomes, okay, what about the woman who accused you?
If he says, I don\'t believe women, then why not believe you if everyone else does? MATTHEWS: Yes. Yes.
I want to say a few good words to Mitch McConnell because I believe that Mitch McConnell believes in something. MARCUS: Yes.
Matthews: an institution in the US Senate.
I really think he wants to keep the rules of procedure of obstruction, because it does make a difference between the Senate and the house.
Your debate is infinite.
This is the principle.
Now he doesn\'t want the Senate to be messed up by this new role from Alabama.
I really think, like he was with Parkwood, I really think he wanted to maintain a certain level of moral dignity in this place, Ruth.
I think he will.
Marcus: Well, he does have a record of that, and it goes back to Larry Craig and Bob Parkwood.
Let\'s remember that we are talking about pedophile here. MATTHEWS: Yes.
Reagan: this is a 14-year-
An old girl in a case.
This is not just a misconduct against another adult.
This is different.
Matthews: I know.
Ron, I want to send a small bouquet to a man with dignity. (LAUGHTER)
Let me do it, okay?
Ron Reagan, thank you very much. Ruth Marcus. MARCUS: Thanks.
Matthews: Next: Trump\'s trip to Asia may be tough, but it\'s not easy at home.
It is clear that Trump has yet to weigh on Roy Moore\'s dispute.
He hid in the bushes.
His party is trying again to abolish Obamacare.
It\'s really bad, what they are doing right now, not only to give tax cuts to very wealthy people.
They pay for these tax breaks by taking away the basics of Obamacare-affordable medical actions.
This is a hard ball. where is the action. (
Business break)
Matthews: Welcome back to hard ball.
Now, President Trump has returned from his Asian marathon trip, and his trip to Asia has not achieved much concrete results.
It skills will be tested soon.
In Washington, Republicans still have to pass an unpopular tax bill that now includes the repeal of the personal mandate of the Affordable Care Act.
According to a recent poll, voters-
The Republican plan.
What\'s more, I attended the round table tonight.
Our hard ball round table includes White House correspondent Rosie Gray for the Atlantic, MSNBC political analyst Eli Stoke for the Wall Street Journal, and White House correspondent Torley for Bloomberg News ·
Thank you for joining us.
I want to focus on one thing tonight.
We don\'t have much time.
This is an attempt to provide tax relief funds for the capital class-the capitalist class-by removing personal authorization, which basically leaves about 4 million people out of Obamacare\'s health insurance, just knock them off because young and healthy people won\'t do it without some incentive.
Let me see.
What do you think, Ruth? Or rather, Eli?
ELI hudols, political analyst at MSNBC: Well, I think it\'s a poison for Democrats, so it just makes it harder for Republicans to get votes.
They must do so again with Republican votes.
We \'ve seen that they can\'t get 50 Republican votes when they try to do anything on Obamacare.
So, I think it\'s just complicated.
Politics is complicated.
We know Republicans are keen to win some kind of tax reform at the end of this year.
But again, you showed the result of the vote;
In fact, 24% of Americans are now in favor of the plan.
If it\'s their victory, it\'s not a victory.
Matthews: let me go to Toluse.
What do you think of the whole-well, everyone here, join in.
How do we see you taking away the personal authorization that I \'ve been supporting, Hillary has been supporting because you can\'t find young, restless people, before they\'re a little sick and more vulnerable, is it healthy to buy insurance?
If you have an insurance plan based only on people who are sick and more vulnerable, this is not a real insurance plan.
This is just a maintenance program for unhealthy people and older people.
This is what it becomes.
Torrish olenipa from Bloomberg: Chris, that\'s right.
You can expect strong opposition from Democrats, consumer groups, health care groups to this bill.
This is really a condemnation of the thin repeal that fell in flames earlier this year.
The health care bill that Republicans tried to pass earlier this year is unpopular.
The tax bill is unpopular.
Now they put the two together.
What did you get?
There is only one very unpopular bill.
You can expect that by getting rid of the task and adding a 13 million premium, people will have a strong rebound in the idea of taking health care away from potential 10% people, it\'s not something that people will be happy about.
DoNews: Rosie. . . OLORUNNIPA: especially when it comes to tax cuts for companies.
Matthews: Rossi, let\'s get into the industrial zone where Trump won the election and electoral college last year.
I think of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan.
You tell the middle.
Class and work
The class there thinks they won\'t have health insurance because the president\'s tax cuts for the rich undermine health insurance, what do you think?
Will this even be more than ridicule?
Rosie Gray, Atlantic: Well, you see, I mean, it\'s clear that this tax plan, the poll shows it\'s not popular.
But I think Republicans are thinking that if they fail to pass this bill, they will not have major legislative achievements in the first year of Trump\'s presidency.
So I think there\'s an idea that, politically, it\'s good to just do something and do something on the board.
But if it\'s really unpopular like this, it\'s self. defeating.
Matthews: sometimes, it\'s better not to do anything.
Anyway, the round table is with us.
Next, we will get some spoons from these people we are going to talk about.
You\'re watching the ball. (
Business break)
Chris Matthews, MSNBC host: We\'re back at the Round Table.
Rosie, tell me something I don\'t know.
Atlantic correspondent Rossi Gray: one story that doesn\'t get much attention today is that the Russian parliament has passed a law that requires foreign media companies to register as foreign agents, in retaliation RT must be registered as a foreign agent in the United States. S.
So I think it will be an interesting dynamic as the broader Russian story unfolds.
Matthews: they don\'t know what free media is.
Thank you anyway. Eli?
The Wall Street Journal reporter ELI wheelols: everyone is so focused on the theater performances of the White House that what happens to these institutions is often overlooked.
Today, the Fish and Wildlife administration of the U. S. Interior Department overturned Obama
The actions of the Times basically ban the import of elephants and lions and big game trophies from some African countries.
Today, the Ministry of the interior overturned that statement.
So now, the hunter can go there and bring those things back.
The environmental activists are very dissatisfied with this.
Not only does it endanger the species, they believe.
It gives power to some dictators who run these African countries.
Matthews: You mean, Trump has legalised the ivory trade?
Basically, yes.
Matthews: It\'s a pretty bad thing.
So he wants to destroy a species called elephant?
Shopols: there are very few reports today, but the conservation group is very upset about this.
Matthews: Yes, this is one of the most despicable pictures I \'ve ever seen, in which case I don\'t mind talking about his family, his sons stood in front of some of the dead animals they killed.
Incredible. Anyway, Toluse.
Toluse olorunnipa, a Bloomberg News reporter: Democrats overthrew state Senate seats in the crimson state of Homer.
This is where Donald Trump gets more than 30 points in a region.
A newcomer to the Democratic Party has won the seat, and Democrats are watching the news, saying it marks a wave of waves in 2018. MATTHEWS: OK.
Thank you very much.
Thank you, Rosie Gray, Eli tolols and Toluse Olorunnipa.
Next, I\'ll talk to someone there when Robert F.
Kennedy was assassinated.
Vince Di Piero caught Bobby immediately after he was shot dead and seriously injured.
Next, he will tell his story.
This is a hard ball. where is the action. (
Business break)
Matthews: Welcome back to hard ball.
Bobby Kennedy won the decisive presidential primary in California in June 4, 1968.
After midnight, he and his wife Ethel stood in front of a ballroom of cheering supporters.
His victory shows that he now has a chance to win the Democratic nomination for president.
Then terror.
Bobby was hit and seriously injured when he left the ballroom from the kitchen.
He was 19 years old. year-
Old Vincent di Piero
He\'s with us now.
Thank you for joining us, Vincent.
The reason I invited you was that the other night, when I was talking about Bobby Kennedy in Santa Monica, the host of our show asked if someone was at the Ambassador Theater the night Kennedy was shot, you said you were there.
So, tell us what you told me that night about why you were there and what happened.
Vince Di Piero, witness of rfk\'s assassination: Well, I \'ve been working for Robert Kennedy from about April 1-6 to 5.
In fact, I have no intention of even taking part in this event.
My dad was the head of the hotel. He said Robert asked me where I was?
I said, you know, I said tell him I\'m studying for the final exam.
So I did it all the time, and in the end, three times later, he said, Robert was really angry and you \'d better come down.
So, at about 11: 00 that night, I left, dressed and went to the hotel.
I got there about a quarter of midnight.
My dad said, do you want to go up and have him with me?
I said, no, I\'m waiting here.
So, when he came down from the elevator in room service, he looked at me and he left, Oh, I saw you succeed.
Yes, I said.
That doesn\'t sound certain, he said.
I said, I really want to go.
We are going to the factory. this is a private club and a party will be held later.
He said, I\'ll see you later.
He went up to the kitchen, we took a path, he took the stage from the bottom of the stage, and then he gave a speech.
He should have come back in the same way.
He was told at the last minute that they would hold a press conference.
So he turned and walked through the back of the stage.
At that time, when he came up and down the slope, I ran into the front hall, I put my arms around him, and as we passed through the front hall, as we said, there is a double door in the pantry, Paul Schrad actually came in between me and Robert, and I know Paul because he worked at the Auto Union, so he was fine there.
So I walked over and Robert shook hands with me as we passed the swinging door and turned to the others on his left, shaking hands.
When he let go of his hand from the dishwasher, Jesse Perez, he-I saw that this gun did come up from my right eye, that was Surhan, the gun was only a few inches away from his head.
When the first shot rang, I was splashed with blood on his head.
On the second shot, his hand was raised to the head.
I don\'t see the second shot.
It went straight in-looks like it hit his left arm-sorry, his right arm.
He limped and began to fall over to me.
The third shot went through the top of his jacket and hit Paul Schrade in the head.
Now, I have Robert Kennedy in the middle, and Paul Schrad on the left.
Carl Yuk tried to subdue thurhan and hit the gun on the table.
The terrible thing is that every time the gun gets hit on the table, the bullet comes out-you know, the bullet comes out.
So, seven of these eight shots I shot out of that gun.
That\'s, for a 19-year-
Old, this is terrible.
Matthews: Did you catch Senator Kennedy when he fell?
What were you doing?
Yes, when he came back with his hands raised his head, he fell back and I stretched out my arms and grabbed him.
The third shot rang and Paul was hit in the head and he landed on me and on my left, and now Paul and I are on my left and Robert is in my hands.
We\'re almost on the floor now.
Ella Goldstein is away from the shooting, he was shot and then he fell on me on my right.
So, my left side is Paul Schrad, Robert Kennedy in the middle, and Ella Goldstein in the right.
So I did everything on the floor.
Matthews: have you been-from the beginning, have you ever suspected that it was Surhan thurhan who shot and killed Robert Kennedy and was fatally wounded?
No, I have no questions.
The reason is that, based on the testimony I provided, I did not realize at the time that I was the only witness who could see the first shot. MATTHEWS: Yes.
The first shot was the one who killed Robert Kennedy, and the only person who held the gun was thurhan.
So-DoNews: So, there\'s only one shooter, there\'s only one shot that you hear and see from Sirhan, the only sight, and no one else is holding the gun?
No, I didn\'t see anyone else holding a gun.
There was a security guard with a gun but he didn\'t bring it. 22. It was a . 38. MATTHEWS: Yes.
DIPIERRO: It was a hotel security guard and I don\'t believe he was going to shoot at the time-his gun.
The balloon exploded.
There is a lot of noise. MATTHEWS: Yes.
DIPIERRO: chaos, a lot of people say, Oh, more than once-more than eight times.
I don\'t know.
It\'s crazy.
It\'s too hard. MATTHEWS: Yes.
DIPIERRO: and 19-year-
You know, it\'s not entirely old to focus on this.
I\'m lucky I\'m alive.
I was lucky I went through it all because the shirt I was wearing actually had a bullet hole.
Matthews: Thank you, Vincent. Stay with us.
We will be back with you in a moment.
I want to talk to you about the last sentence of Bobby Kennedy. You were there.
We will be back soon. (
Business break)
Matthews: I and Vincent in Di Alessandro Del Piero back he in June of 1968 in Ambassador Hotel was shot of that night and Robert in Kennedy in.
You were there when I was lying on the kitchen floor.
Do you remember what he said?
Does he have something to say? DIPIERRO: Yes.
He was lying on the floor bleeding and apparently he was very groggy.
The first thing we tell him is don\'t talk, keep calm.
The first thing that comes out of his mouth is-I will never forget that-is, is everyone else okay?
He cares more about the people around him than he himself.
MATTHEWS: Well, thank you, sir.
I can\'t think of the last words that are more important than those who care about others, because they themselves are dying.
Thank you, Chris.
Matthews: Vince Di Piero, Sir, I\'m glad to see you the other night, and it\'s nice that you were there the night people asked Robert Kennedy to be shot?
Thank you very much, sir.
It\'s a great honor for you to play.
Thank you, Chris.
Matthews: when we get back, let me finish my own opinion in Los Angeles on the night of 1968.
You\'re watching the ball. (
Business break)
Matthews: Let me finish tonight on that night in Los Angeles on 1968.
I don\'t think you will live 60 years old if you don\'t keep this moment close to your soul.
You know where you are and we remember how we felt.
I was in Montreal that morning.
More than 3: 00 in the morning, I woke up to find out who won the great presidential primary in California between Bobby Kennedy and Eugene McCarthy.
Even in the beginning, when Gene McCarthy announced the previous November, I was excited to go with him, and I was praying for Bobby to win in California because he was the only one against.
A candidate for War who can win and end the war.
When I turned on the radio, I heard a replay of the old record recorded five years ago in Dallas, Texas.
I suddenly realized that it was not a repeat of a tragedy, but a new one.
The second wonderful shot by Kennedy
I didn\'t know at that time, and we didn\'t know what Bobby had been thinking for the last hour of his life.
Now, I know.
Quote: I have a connection with people who are not very good.
That night, he told reporters to bring the country back together and we can start implementing all these meaningful work and projects.
If the split continues, we have nothing but chaos and destruction in the United States.
I think we can put an end to differences within the United States, and he told the last group that the night of victory, between black and white, between the poor and the rich, or we are at different ages in the Vietnam War.
We can start working together.
We are a great country, a selfless country.
I\'m going to use it as the basis for my run.
Bobby Kennedy found his purpose and mission in life.
He wants to continue. he wants to continue.
Hard ball now.
Thank you for being with us.
\"Everything about Chris Hayes\" is starting now.
This is a report card in a hurry.
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