wal-mart employee trampled to death

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-25
McFadyen and Angela mclaughov
28, the crowd of Wal-Mart-
Supermarket shoppers are building all night, the sidewalks are packed with people, passing through a huge parking lot at the Green Acres Mall in the Valley Stream of New York StateY. At 3:30 a. m.
Police in Nassau County were asked to control the crowd, and a policeman with a megaphone asked for an order.
Tensions intensified as 5a grew. m. opening neared.
Someone posted a rough poster: \"The Blitz line starts here.
\"By 4: 55, the crowd of more than 2,000 people had become a mob, unable to see the police, and could no longer retreat.
The fist slammed and the shoulder pressed on the slide
The glass double doors yield with the weight of the attack.
There are 6 to 10 workers inside trying to push back but there is no hope.
All of a sudden, witnesses and police said the door was broken and screaming mobs rushed through the blind rush to buy holiday bargains.
Jdimytai Damour, a 34-year-old worker, was thrown back onto a black felt tile and trampled in a stampede around him.
Other people standing by Mr.
Witnesses said Damo, who tried to close the door, was also thrown back and ran.
Some workers who saw what was happening struggled to find Mr by way of a surge.
But the police said he had suffered a fatal injury.
Emergency crews trying to recover
Damour is a temporary staff member who works on site for the holiday season, but an hour later he was declared dead at the Franklin Hospital Medical Center in Valley Creek.
Four others, including 28. year-
Elderly women described as eight months pregnant were treated in hospital for minor injuries. Detective Lt.
Michael Fleming, who is in charge of the Nassau police investigation, said the store lacked adequate security.
He called the scene \"completely chaotic\" and said \"the crowd was out of control.
The lieutenant said: \"As for those who beat the victims, criminal charges are possible.
\"I heard other people call this an accident, but that\'s not the case,\" he said . \"
\"Of course, this is a predictable behavior.
\"But even with the video of the store surveillance camera and the account of the witness, Lieutenant Fleming and other officials admitted that it was difficult to identify the responsible person, let alone prove guilty.
Some shoppers who saw the Stampede said they were shocked.
One of them, Kimberly Cribbs, from Queens, said the crowd acted like \"barbarians \".
She recalled that even if the store was cleaned up, shoppers were behaving badly.
\"When they said they had to leave, an employee was killed and people shouted, \'I have been online since yesterday morning ,\'\".
Cribbs told The Associated Press.
\"They have been shopping all the time. ”Wal-
Supermarket security officers and police cleaned the shop, cleaned the broken glass and locked the door until one o\'clock P. M. m.
As it re-opens to a group of calm shoppers, they go through the lost doors and worn-out door frames and clearly do not know what is going on.
Ugly shopping scenes, some scenes involving injuries, have become commonplace in transactions --
The day after Thanksgiving, the hunting ceremony was called Black Friday.
The National Retail Federation, the largest retail group in the United States, said it had never heard of a worker being killed on Black Friday.
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Mart declined to provide details of the stampede, but said in a statement that it was trying to get ready by adding staff.
Still, it is not clear how many security guards are in the Valley Creek store, which opened on Friday.
The Green Acres Mall provides its own security for employees in some large stores, but it doesn\'t seem to have
Matt is one of them.
Wal-Mart ads
Mart spokesman Dan Folgleman described this as a \"tragic situation\" and said the victim was hired from a temporary personnel agency and was assigned to carry out maintenance work. Wal-
In a statement issued by Ark Bentonville headquarters.
\"The safety of our customers and colleagues is our top priority,\" he said.
Our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families at this tragic moment. ”Wal-
Wal-Mart successfully resisted the unionization of its employees.
The state\'s largest grocery union, 1500 of local food and business workers, says he died.
And asked for an investigation.
\"Where is the security barrier?
Bruce, chairman of the trade union, said.
\"Where is the security guard?
How can store management not see dangerous customers rushing to the store in such an unsafe way?
It is not just tragedy;
It rose to the level of blatant irresponsibility of Wal-Mart --Mart.
And other Wal-Mart
Wal-Mart stores are located in the suburbs around the city, and Valley Creek stores are less than two miles from the southeast border of New York City, attracting customers from Queens, densely populated suburbs of Brooklyn and Nassau County.
Moreover, it is not the only store in the Green Acres shopping center that attracts large crowds.
Witnesses say crowds outside Wal-Mart
Start the collection at 9. m. on Thursday.
The night was not cold, and the mood was relaxed early.
In the early hours of the morning, the crowd had grown, and the police of the fifth branch of Nassau County police station patrolling the Valley Creek had been dispatched to inspect the crowd in the shopping center. Mr.
Damour, who lives in Queens, walked into the store at some point in the evening, put it on shelves and did maintenance work.
Sir, Friday night.
Damo\'s father, 67-year-old Ogera Charles, said his son had spent Thursday night\'s Thanksgiving dinner at a half-sister home in Queens before going straight to work. Mr.
Charles said his son Jimmy was raised by his mother in Queens and worked in several shops in the area after graduating from high school. Mr.
Charles said he had not seen his son for three months and heard about his death at about 7 in the morning. m.
A friend of Sir\'s on Friday
Damo called him at home.
An hour later, he arrived at the Franklin Hospital Medical Center to confirm the body. Mr.
Charles said he was angry at no one at Wal-Mart.
Mart contacted him or explained how his son died.
Mr. Maria Damo.
Damo\'s mother is in port. au-
The Prince of Haiti, but she is on her way back to the United States, Sir. Charles said.
Probably at that time.
Damo was killed, a shopper at Wal-Mart
According to Suffolk County police, Matt of farmendale, 15 miles east of the Valley River, said she was trampled to death by a group of overly enthusiastic customers.
A police officer said the woman had cut her leg but had finished shopping before submitting a police report.
O\'Connor contributed the report.
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