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Wallboard is very important

Wallboard is very important


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The wallboard is a wonderful bright pen in home decoration, which can effectively make up for the openness of the wall and enhance the visual sensory experience. The wallboard that gives the essence of classical culture and art is the first choice for pursuing high-end life quality.

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The siding was first used by European castles and palaces hundreds of years ago, and it is not a modern product. Today, more wall panels are widely used in high-end villas and five-star hotels. The wall panels that give the essence of classical culture and art are the first choice for high-end people to pursue high-end lifestyle and enjoyment. 

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With the rapid growth of the domestic economy, the role of solid wood siding in the family is very important, so the siding once again enters people's vision.

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01 High color value

The wall panel has high degree of exquisiteness, high value and good decorative effect. According to different styles, colors, materials, texture, shape, surface brightness and other requirements, you can have different options to add texture and gloss to the wall, as well as three-dimensional line sense, so that space achieves the most perfect effect.

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02 Install decorative nature

The wallboard can not only form a system with a distinctive style but also be convenient to intersect with paint, wallpaper, ceramic tiles, etc. The use of different plate textures and corner elements of the wallboard to effectively enhance the style will make the overall decoration quality greatly Promote.

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03 Actual use of

Solid wood siding is more wear-resistant, and its damage resistance is much better than common paints and wallpapers. If there are children at home, it is more suitable for installation. After all, children are more destructive. Especially children like to paint on the wall, or they can easily print dirty hands on the wall, forming a situation where the wall is dirty and cannot be cleaned. The wallboard avoids such a situation and is easy to clean without leaving any traces.

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The wallboard can produce a perfect diffuse reflection of the sound, which can effectively buffer the impact of the subwoofer, and the wood itself also has a good absorption effect on the bad sharp waves of the sound, thereby forming a perfect three-level noise reduction function in the space. Therefore, it can reduce indoor noise and improve sleep quality. 

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The wooden materials are natural and environmentally friendly, and the installation is odorless, which can effectively alleviate the problem that the decoration materials and paint odors cannot evaporate for a long time. 

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In-home life, solid wood paneling has the advantages of no deformation, long life, waterproof and moisture resistance. It is more practical than conventional indoor walls and is a manifestation of pursuing a high-quality life, but it is relatively weak against natural resistance. , Not suitable for outdoor installation.

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