want to own one of the oldest log cabins in the u.s.? it\'s for sale and it\'s in n.j.

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If you have a 17th-century house in the market, Finland
Hand carpentry and shelves showing its history (
Included in sales of course)
You have $2.
9 million budget, Gibbon, New Jersey, has what you want.
The small, rural Gloucester county seat is located in a structure that is a little unusual--
A cabin has been a landmark in the area since 1638.
Nothnagle Cottage, one of the oldest in the United States, was registered on the National Historic Register in 1976 and is the oldest cabin in New Jersey.
But in the last 50 years-
And add on this basis to make it a livable home--
Owned by Harry and Doris link.
It is now on sale for $2. 9 million.
\"For various reasons and the fact that we are getting older, Doris said:\" We have decided that it is time to sell it to ensure that the future of the cottage is in the hands of those who can take care of it as we do. \" She was sitting in a cabin with her husband on Monday.
The couple has taken all the necessary measures over the years to keep the cabin as close to its original state as possible-
Harry even struggled to learn to mix clay and dirt to fill the cracks on the logs, a fix that could be done \"back in the past.
\"I like to take the time to fix things, take a bucket of clay and mud, and patch the wood,\" said Harry . \".
\"Some people go on vacation. that\'s what I do.
Harry, 88, said: \"Artificial repairs like this are just another part of the charm of the cottage, and he has decades of fond memories of doing housework around the cottage.
When he was young, Harry helped his aunt and uncle-
Former owner--
Maintain cabin and assist with daily workto-
As the couple grow older, the tasks during the day.
It was time, the cottage was sold without a buyer, and Harry stood up.
No one knew its value at the time.
\"I didn\'t even realize the value of it, but it was important to me,\" he said . \".
He bought the cottage in 1968, and about five years later he and Doris got married in the cottage ---
She loves her as much as he does.
\"We have about 30 people here, and it\'s a wonderful time,\" she said . \".
Although Doris did not have a relationship with the cottage before the wedding, she loved the history of the place, the feeling of being outdoors, and also in the suburbs.
It feels like home.
\"This is our home,\" she said.
Over time, the skating rink encountered more and more art pieces and found some debris under the floor ---
Including 300-year-old shoe.
Harry can recite the history, practical uses and rough ages of all the artifacts on the cabinets and shelves.
This skill comes in handy when the couple opens the cottage for a tour, and for anyone who wants to know a little bit about history, this skill is always available.
The couple\'s favorite drops
Ins included a bus that was packed with unannounced guests at 2 in the morning. m.
As well as a group of travelers stopping on a tour of dozens of historical sites around the world.
\"We have a dozen people from different countries under this roof at the same time,\" Harry said . \" He joked that it would make sense for a 16 by 22 feet cabin to get close.
They set out from Austria and came to Gibbon.
Everyone who would think \"but walk through the old wooden doors is an unforgettable guest of the ice rink.
\"We are people,\" Doris added . \".
\"Everyone passing by is the one we can share our memories and stories.
We heard them, too.
\"These tours are what the rink hopes to continue after the torch passes to its new owner, and after the rink itself has long disappeared.
\"It\'s important to keep and share history,\" Harry said . \" He said he would never charge for visiting the cottage as long as he was alive.
Doris agreed to add, \"You can\'t continue the future unless you know the past.
\"As the owner of the cottage, the rink wants to see this continue.
But the rink has an additional requirement for new buyers.
Together with the cabin, 1.
3 acres of land including a garden and a 16-
Deep feet, hundreds of artworks and a beautiful new home, new buyers will also get stories, memories and lessons from the rink, where the rink plans to live until they pass.
\"We want to end our day here,\" Doris said . \".
\"We want to stay here until we die because it\'s our home and we love it.
\"While the cottage is being sold and waiting for a transition to a new owner, it is still open all the time, every day for a tour.
In the cabin, locatedat 406.
The ice rink can reach 856-423-
0916 arrange visits and tours.
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