What are the advantages and disadvantages of the lacquer that bake door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-01

as standard of living improve, people also become tall to the requirement of furniture, paint the door at this time I was. Wood door manufacturer with all of you know about the advantages and disadvantages of the lacquer that bake door.

due to use the paint surface quality is difficult to distinguish, if claim to high-grade PU ( Polyester) Paint, and the price is very low, can judge, almost impossible to use high-grade environmental protection paint. When choosing paint door do not for a temporary surface brightness and confused, when you had to use cheap paint door, you will find that under the soot pollution, the time is not long can change color, luster will gradually disappear.

its advantage is colour and lustre bright-coloured, have very strong visual impact, good surface finish, easy to wash, moistureproof, fire prevention performance is good.

the disadvantage is that process demands a high level, high rejection rate, so the price is high; Also want to care, when using relative afraid of knock against and scratches, are difficult to repair, once appear, damage to the overall replacement; Suit to look and quality request is higher, the pursuit of fashionable young high-end consumers.

hope the above the content of the wood door manufacturer share are helpful to you, to learn more relevant content, can watch the other articles.

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