What are the classification of indoor contemporary wood door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-04

now many families are installed in wooden door, the door because there are so many kinds of solid wood wenqi door, solid wood painting door, solid wood door of steel of are common contemporary wood door, indoor wood door manufacturer to you talk about below what contemporary wood door is the classification?

a, solid wood wenqi door: he mainly well as real wood frame, the inside is a kind of pine, then on the surface of the lake material similar to the aggrandizement floor panels, hot pressing on another layer of PVC material things. The surface of the door is not very smooth, gloss is not very good, time is long membrane on the surface of the PVC blister easily!

2, solid wood painting door: he and wenqi door structure similar, is only the surface is the lacquer that bake, glossiness is better! But the quality is not easy to blister, better than the real wood wenqi door

three, real wood steel doors: he is also a good solid wood as framework, and then a layer of steel plate on the surface of the lake, the door easy to form the nest, because the surface is only a thin layer of steel plate, in the long run is also likely to rust!

4, pure real wood door: will satisfy is pure real wood to do, if you have money to buy it, simple sense is good, feel is good, grade. If the quality is not good enough dry, time is long may crack on!

5, plastic door or titanium magnesium alloy door: model steel or titanium magnesium alloy frame, the middle is glass, this kind of door is mainly on the sliding door or fold door, used for kitchen, bathroom, store between content, or on the door of the balcony.

six, and there's a substrate door, divided into two kinds:

1. Composite solid wood doors: similar to ordinary wenqi door, solid wood as the framework, it is a kind of pine, then in the hot-pressing all kinds of oil with the surface of the panel ( The door side to stick color leather) And then paint yourself. Used to mix oil, the cheapest door, the disadvantage is that of leather is easier to open.

2。 High density door: similar to compound real wood door, exterior pressure of high density board, not easy cracking deformation, should be used to mix oil.

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