What are the classification of interior wooden doors?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-04

the interior wooden door type on the market very much, open means, material, function, and so on each are not identical, solid wood composite painting door manufacturers today what classification interior wooden doors to you talk about?

1, according to the surface of material points: there are mainly of walnut, cherry, the sand Billy, mahogany, maple, teak, ebony, flower pear, crape myrtle, zebras, oak, Chinese catalpa wood, northeast China ash, iron peachwood dozen, etc. 2, function points: points according to the use, such as door, bedroom door, study door, backstairs, bath door; The room door of apartment guesthouse, bath door, corridor door, office commercial door, etc. 3, according to the open mode: the slippery course door: horizontal push-pull open, do not take up space. Mainly used in the kitchen door, bathroom door, the balcony door. Hinge door: to open, it is mainly used for door, bedroom door and office door. 4, to the surface treatment methods can be divided into: substrate door: no paint on, buy to return to find oil workers painted by hand, because the hand brush paint, the quality of the bottom of the door. Paint the door: also known as finished product door, have spray paint in the factory gate, can be installed directly. 5, in the form of the door: flat: at the entrance of the gate was flat, the edge of the door of the traditional all at the entrance of the flat, because of the lock open, need to have a 3 mm gap between the door and door frame. T doorway: introduction of a new type of door from Europe, the edge of the door is T, protruding part of the pressure on the door, and equipped with sealing strip, sealing sound insulation effect is good, beautiful, 6 points, according to the door and process: complete bo door, glass door. , board type door, core board door. Board type door is airtight model, pervious to light point, no perspective for portal and bedroom door, this can carve sunken line and line of the protruding that make, model system is beautiful and easy, integral sex is good.

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