What are the common types of wood?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-02

very many different kinds of wooden door, use also each are not identical, the wooden door manufacturer which give us the common types of wooden door?

1。 Wooden stick alongside of. seem

this choose real wood door structure, cover with maple, oak, teak, beech, northeast China ash. Its characteristic is beautiful, generous, not easy deformation, price is cheap.

2。 Log pattern wooden door

the material selection of logs, direct processing, technical quality is higher. Its characteristic is luxurious and beautiful appearance solid, price is on the high side, changeful form.

3。 Miscellaneous wood wood door

in addition to its raw materials, less figure out log, other such as processing principle, exterior process and log wood door at the same. Characteristic is beautiful, not changeful form, quotation is lower than log wood door designs.

4。 Wood lies between bar glass door

according to choose different kinds of glass, can be divided into: frosted glass pane door, the door of car edge glass, plate glass grid, coloured drawing or pattern glass door lattice door and so on.

5。 Flat door

before has a long history, its plain, concise brings strong feeling. Its with material wood of teak, maple, northeast China ash, oak waits, its characteristic is easy clean, smooth, easy. Generally for decorate concise, simple household.

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