What are the general materials of wooden doors?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-02-27
In recent years, simple wooden doors have also been created by manufacturers in more and more patterns, not only with different colors and shapes, moreover, there are more and more manufacturing materials that give everyone many options when buying and choosing. So does everyone know what materials wooden doors have? The following wooden door manufacturers will introduce to you what are the commonly used wooden door materials.

Shapiro: African Melia tubular scientific name, commonly known as Phantom Wood, Shapiro. Of tropical Africa. Wood characteristics: grain crisscross, light yellow sapwood, heartwood or sauce color, high gloss, smooth and uniform texture. Its adaptability to the environment and climate are not particularly limited, and its light texture and size give people a feeling of luxury and elegance, rendering and decorating festive places with reddish brown color, the atmosphere was warm. It is one of the fashionable wooden doors today. Rosewood: Rosewood, commonly known as plough, originated in South America, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos and other regions. Wood characteristics: with luster, texture staggered structure uniform medium, hard texture, high strength, reduced drying. Suitable for high-grade furniture and interior decoration. The enduring rosewood is deep red, high hardness, high strength, dynamic wood grain with feather shape, giving people a gorgeous impression, a good choice is solid wood door. Teak: Teak scientific name, commonly known as Rouge Wood, Southeast Asia (Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, etc)Tai pomelo produced. Wood characteristics: with golden luster, slightly smelling leather, with oil sexy, smooth part, paint and good, good drying adhesion, corrosion resistance. For high-end furniture, floors and interior decoration. Teak, with its precious identity, has received the golden luster of the vast number of consumers, giving people a feeling of luxury, a fine material for solid wood doors. Black mahogany: scientific name Monkey Fruit, common name red cherry, mahogany sage. Of tropical West Africa and the United States. Wood characteristics: it has strong luster, straight texture, uniform fine structure, high strength, medium shrinkage, spalling, fragmentation, plastic viscosity, and can cut veneer well? ? , Furniture, floor. From white cherry sapwood to pink, brown range. Beautiful wood and delicate wood give people the feeling of elegance and luxury. It is one of the materials used in today's fashionable wooden doors. The above is the main material types of the wooden door in the production of the wooden door. When you choose the wooden door, you can choose the appropriate wooden door products according to the different material characteristics of the wooden door.
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