What are the key points of choose and buy real wood compound door of the lacquer that bake?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-14

the appearance of the door is the representative of a family, when the choose and buy not casual, wood door manufacturer to give us the solid wood composite painting door today what are the key points of choose and buy?

the point 1, the door to see what? Look at the door first. The material of the door, the door of the deformation, prolapse is actually there was a problem in the door. There are two main types of the door, currently on the market density board and solid wood composite board. Density board is made up of MaiJie, material such as straw, sugarcane cut into powder shape suppression and become, although its balance is good, but easy cracking deformation, the power that grasp a hammer. And solid wood multi-layer is composed of multi-layer solid wood veneer crisscrossed the overlying, have very strong eat nail force holding nail force, good stability, waterproof and moistureproof, is the first choice for the wooden door that occupy the home;

the point 2, watching the door cover door core. Door core what? See with what material, whether it is real.

the point 3, material also has a lot of kinds, environmental standards? This is about to see if I can give you a written guarantee, mouth says, will have anything written in the contract in order to be true.

4 points, then look at the factory production equipment. Equipment is complete, the good effect of production equipment to make a beautiful paint; To control the moisture content of timber, to reduce the risk of wood craze, deformation, prolong the service life of the product.

the point 5, choose products best manufacturers selling well, in order to avoid agents for your price difference, finally didn't ensure after-sales. How to see the agent, as long as you pay attention to the label is a dealer or manufacturer is a can be clear at a glance.

6 points, installation are also important. Common to speak: 'seven points, three partial shipments' the importance of the visible installation; Install not ready, directly affect the use effect of your home later. So you will confirm whether the installation of their division is trained and related certificates of professional chefs.

7 points, market brand evaluation is also very important, best to shop around!

8 points, and finally how to teach you a recruit look at wood paint. The processing of wood paint is also very important, it directly affect the wooden door overall effect. Some businessmen in order to save money on the market at present, in the paint, has grown two millimeters a door with two kinds of paint, so that is cheap and save a lot of paint process, but the wooden door in use after a period of time, you will find the difference, so when you see a wooden door, hand feel the paint touch are available, and ask for the sale of paint process.

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