What are the main wood door, style?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-20

types of wooden door is very much on the market, the consumer is when the choose and buy, should pay attention to quality not only, also want to choose and match the style of the door in the family, what are the main wooden door, wooden door manufacturer to you talk about below style?

a wooden door, modern style

features: as the style is given priority to with practical function, modern style, so it is also called functional style, and because a hit all over the world, so also known as the international style.

2, contracted style wooden door

features: simple is not simple, real simple design is not only the design elements of downsizing, also conforms to the people to reduce the pressure of surrounding, advocating environmental protection request, but the designer's design capability have higher requirements, namely can show a deeper in simple adornment lasting appeal, such as cultural connotation, character, etc.

three, rural style wooden door

features: advocate return to natural, combined with the natural in the household design style, to nature, local flavor to integrate into the new space form, referred to as the 'country style', 'rural style' or 'style', also known as the 'grey'.

4, European style wooden door

features: European bedroom some not just luxury atmosphere, the more is the details of the best treatment, bring family not comfortable tactility, harmony is the highest state of Europe type style, actually. At the same time, the European adornment style are best suited for large area of the house, if the space is too small, not only cannot show its style, instead of in the meantime create a kind of oppressive feeling.

5, American style wooden door

characteristics of modern American style wooden door is concise and lively, no redundant adornment, but is not without the details, there are all sorts of adornment elements of traditional European shadow. The color of the modern American style door can also and the surrounding background, lingering finish.

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