What are the new consumption trends of wooden doors?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-02-23
With the improvement of economic level, people's requirements for the quality of home environment are getting higher and higher. When buying some products, they not only pursue aesthetics, but also have certain requirements for brands. So what are the new consumption trends for consumers in the wooden door industry? The following Guangdong wooden door manufacturers will give you a brief introduction. Trend 1. Pursuing high-end products of wooden doors, 'Now people's living standards have improved and they are more pursuing high-quality life, hoping that the products can reflect their own values and tastes. 'Industry insiders said that in this survey, 38% of consumers showed their love for high-end door and window products. On the other hand, consumers have continuously improved their own vision and taste, and have a deeper understanding of high-end products. For high-end consumers, compared with the price, they pay more attention to whether the quality and appearance of doors and windows are high-end and whether they can improve the grade of the whole home. Trend 2, the pursuit of intelligent products, according to the survey data, 35% of consumers are no longer satisfied with the basic functions of doors and windows, but also hope that doors and windows can be multifunctional and intelligent, which can bring convenience to their lives. According to industry sources, among them, intelligent doors and windows have become the 'good heart' of many consumers, and most of these consumers say that Fulinmen intelligent doors and windows are exactly the intelligent products they want. The third trend, the pursuit of environmentally friendly products, 'under the background of the global strong advocacy of low-carbon environmental protection, the new generation of consumer groups have a stronger awareness of low-carbon environmental protection. When buying door and window products, in addition to the quality and function, also pay attention to whether the product is environmentally friendly. 'Industry insiders said that with the deepening of people's understanding of environmental protection,' low carbon and environmental protection 'has penetrated into all corners of society and even become a way of life. If door and window enterprises do not want to be far away from the industry, we must follow this trend and develop towards green and environmentally friendly product research and development. The above is Runcheng's new consumption trend for consumers of wooden door products. Wooden door manufacturers can create their own wooden door brands according to consumers' consumption needs and pursue more high-end, intelligent and environmentally friendly wooden door products.
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