What are the pitfalls of wood of choose and buy?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-06-17

now the improvement of quality of life, many people choose to decorate the wooden door, and then a lot of people into the myth of wooden door of choose and buy, the wooden door manufacturers say the myth of wooden door of choose and buy for everybody.

1, the heavier wood door on behalf of, the better the quality of the door?

many consumers when choosing wooden door solid wood furniture, such as would commit such a mistake, thought that the heavier wood, the better, the more hard the more stable, and the sales staff said wood hardness, stability will be better.

single unable to determine the product from the weight within. On the one hand, the weight of the particle board sometimes larger than the real wood plank, although the use of raw materials to make particle board is broken wood broken material, but a lot of adhesive in the process of production, adhesive curing after quite a part of the proportion of the plate, its weight is not light; Such as teak, pineapple grid, on the other hand, the stability is good wood, their density is not high, so the quality is good or bad of real wood is not necessarily associated with hardness and weight.

want to choose the good real wood is qualitative, not only depends on the weight and hardness, also need to see the surface of the work, wood quality, sealing side effect and so on.

2, pure real wood is good?

it should be said that each have advantages and disadvantages, the popularity of pure real wood door is mainly catered to people to return to natural, healthy environmental protection. But the main drawback is the change of moisture content makes it changeful form, special need to be careful. Too dry and humid environment is not suitable for wood, strong direct sunlight and frequent switch of air conditioning room between the humidity change is too big, the real wood door is influential.

3, wooden door of the hardware is negligible?

the most important thing in wooden door hardware accessories for hinge, some invisible hinges will hinge on market installed inside the door leaf, it is a good surface appearance, but this kind of design for hinge break when unable to detect, easy to cause the door suddenly drops wait for danger. Choice hinges must recognize big store, to recognize the brand and material. Do not buy 3 without hardware products.

4, door cover material to

when consumer is choosing wooden door, often only focus on the quality of the door leaf, however, after-sales problems actually have a lot of wooden door is from the door. There are solid wood laminated door cover, density board door and real wood door cover three. Density board door sets of waterproof performance and the power that grasp a hammer are poor, easily lead to the phenomenon such as sinking incident to wooden door Real wood door cover for tooth inoculation more commonly, splitting phenomenon of twist screws easy to form at first. Best choice for solid wood composite door, she says, is the standard of solid wood laminated door cover, it can ensure the service life of wooden door.

5, shiny door with more character

some consumers, in order to cooperate with the domestic outfit of individual character, specially selected the door of the bright color, high brightness, but this may have adverse to human body. Live for a long time in the thunder-and-lightning colour easy to visual fatigue, cause nerve function, body temperature, blood pressure and other disorders. According to the survey, young people prefer lighter color in household decoration, but if you use too much, can't afford to physiology, the light pollution makes the person's eye fatigue, severe cases can cause damage to the cornea and the iris.

6, selective wood color

part at present a lot of consumer complaints focus on the color difference issue, color difference problem cannot be completely avoided. Paint the door each batch existence chromatism, real wood door that stick a skin is even more so. Especially solid mumupi based site different age, timber, cutting the pattern color is also not too same, also is black walnut, there may be color hair, some may be shallow, all of this is caused by the natural attribute of lumber. Paint, the number of different, and each time the paint colour is different, can cause color slight deviation, so consumers cannot excessive pursuit of wooden door without off color.

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