What are the repair methods of wooden door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-08

add colour to our family decoration, wooden door as no pollution, pure natural products, by the vast number of consumers welcome, wooden door below the repair methods of wooden door manufacturer to you talk about? What are those?

if high-grade wooden door accidentally scratch, but does not touch upon the wood under the paint film, can use soft cloth with a little melted wax liquid, paint coating the wound, cover scars. After being qualitative hard wax, besmear again. So again and again with a few times more, hide them membrane scars.

remove oil stains from wood doors: can add two white vinegar in a water, with sponge wiped mixture oil ink on the wooden door, and then clean and dry it up.

to remove the water mark of high-grade wooden door: water mark usually would disappear after a period of time. If it is still visible after a month, please use a piece of clean with a small amount of salad oil or mayonnaise soft actually water marks in the wood grain direction is wiped. Or can use wet cloth cover on the print, then press wet cloth electricity iron carefully several times, can be print.

remove oil on the wooden door: residual tea is excellent cleaner, wipe again after spray a small amount of flour to wipe test, finally to corn flour to wipe clean. Corn flour can absorb all the adsorption on the surface of the wood, dirt, make the surface smooth and bright.

white wooden door yellow: the processing of white paint on the surface of the wooden door, time will change color, can use dishcloth touchs toothpaste wipe try, be careful not to overexert, also can put the two egg yolk beaten, with a soft brush to yellow places, dry with a soft cloth to wipe clean.

protection hardware decoration: only can wipe with dry cloth gently, do not use detergent containing chemical substances.

clear stick on paper: paper with salad oil soaked completely, after a few minutes with wooden door special steel wool according to the direction of the wood grain wipe gently. Dry after polishing.

desalination burn mark: cigarette or burning matches left in wood paint doors, and if the paint surface burning, in the matchstick toothpicks or hard package on a layer of fine lines, gently wipe traces, and then coated with a thin wax, qiaogen be fade.

scratch: if the wood paint scratches, not touch wood paint, wood can be used with the same color crayon or paint on the wound of wooden door, to cover exposed background, and then use thin transparent nail polish is coated with a layer of can.

real wood door crack repair: with a small point on both sides along the crack, split into several smaller crack, as small as possible, so that the original big crack becomes smaller, the last big crack and small crack, almost not so obvious. That is to say, the big cracks around the wood molecules to evenly arranged, more soft, more natural, isn't that what the role of dirt! Forming several tiny tiny crack, at this time will adjust lewd saw foam to fill in all the small crack, gently with sand paper burnish, so that it can be fully filled evenly. Such repair, than directly fill in the sawdust powder in large crack repair method, more beautiful and more natural. Again with glue into 502, with the shovel, appropriate color, wood grain, and then click on the appropriate 502 glue, flattened, with sand paper burnish, processing is flat and level.

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