What are the tips of wooden door of choose and buy?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-06-17

the kinds of wooden door style very much, a lot of friends in the purchase don't know how to choose and buy, the wooden door manufacturer of wood of choose and buy tips to share with you.

1, see color. Good colour collocation is the key element to decorate a bedroom, so we after determine the style also consider whether the color of wooden door and collocation of bedroom color photograph. Bedroom color is similar color is given priority to provide contrast basic factors mentioned points, we could start with the bedroom environment hue and the contrast, the bedroom can be divided into three color: soft adornment metope, ground and furniture. Basically maintain the three color is ok, unfavorable and overmuch.

2, style and color. Choosing wooden door the first thing to consider is whether the style and color of wooden door with decorate a style to match. Style is concise the choice of the generous concise design; Decorate a style is lively, we choose lightsome and elegant wooden door photograph collocation; To classical comfortable style is decorated with elegant heavy wooden door.

3, by hand. Design colour was determined, then you should consider product process and quality problems. We are unlikely to wooden door manufacturer staring at him is how to processing, only through a simple image inspection method to check the process quality of products. There are two ways for your reference: the first is touched with the hand, with the hand touch the door frame, panels, round the corner, for no scratches, gentle, the second is a metering look also on the basis of the first stand on the side of the door to meet at the door if there is a bump wave on the paint. Basically rely on the two can know whether do manual work is qualified.

4, test materials and wood door manufacturer relevant qualification certificates. As far as possible choose the manufacturer with good brand reputation, by looking at the manufacturer's qualification certification comparison of related industry standard whether complete real what to measure its product structure. And before installation pay attention to the internal material by looking at the door lock hole position, to make a final check.

the above four is wood door manufacturer to share the move of the wooden door of choose and buy, hope to help everyone.

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