What are the types of common aggrandizement wood?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-01

the development of wooden door is getting better and better, more and more intensive wood type on the market, function also each are not identical, wood door manufacturer to tell you about today what are the types of common aggrandizement wood door?

, molded doors.

aggrandizement wood is more common in moulded door, but the moulded door because of the limitation of technology and the technology is generally there is a lack of sense of design, modelling is too weak, and so on shortcomings, but because of the price advantage, there are still a lot of friends with moulded door of choose and buy. Second, the color matching gate


for young man, the pursuit of fashion, personality, unique color matching door be strengthening wooden door in one of the most welcomed by young people. Color matching door have adopted a variety of designs and colors joining together and become, crafted in particular, very artistic, so its sales good. Three, milling type door


this type is on strengthening wooden carvings of various types of patterns, make line carve patterns or designs on woodwork with all sorts of color glass glue or paint decoration, all kinds of color type milling door because of its elegant, special appearance, strengthen the wooden door brand by a lot of pursuit of taste and quality of the love of friends.

4, ecological paint door.

ecological door of the lacquer that bake is a kind of new, improved wooden door is the present domestic most high-end, the most cutting-edge technology to strengthen the door. Ecological door of the lacquer that bake the introduction of Germany advanced technology, the use of melamine, film brand makes wooden door panel is more modelling, with and without wood grain two different choice, its characteristics and the name, is very ecological environmental protection, no pollution, zero - formaldehyde, increases with the increasing Ann lives, won't cause harm to human body.

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