What common wooden door network marketing way?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-03-23
< p > < p > wood door manufacturer to promote products not false marketing, when the following negative hot news, need to establish a positive brand image, the manufacturer of wooden door to share common wooden door network marketing methods have? < / p > < p > a, body push marketing < / p > < p > WeChat push is WeChat operation basic points of the content, the content of the push fans will selectively share to the circle of friends, fans of the share is a good opportunity for us to increase the 'secondary' fans attention, so most of the wood door manufacturer WeChat operators values the readability of the content and content quality, this is the 'content is big' business philosophy. At the same time, in the content below the body implanted WeChat account and qr code information, guide the user attention. Often many content will forward directed fans to share, for example: if you think of this article is useful to you, then please share it to friends, to share with your friends. Fans of forwarding ratio increases, this is the effect of psychological suggestion and reminding. < / p > < p > 2, blog marketing implanted < / p > < p > the blog was born in 2007, to its peak in 2010, step by step, gradually shift to 'marketing', is small and beautiful weibo preempted the market, WeChat after launch, blog users loss again. But still have their own independent groups of people, reading or very high, compared with other channels, such as BBS community still has a great advantage. Officer and operations will have different personal blog, officer mainly officials, such as new wooden door products, company news, industry dynamics and so on to compare authority; Personal blog is more personalized audio published his own point of view, have in common is that you can follow one's inclinations of its advertising links and qr code, don't hide. Now sina blog, netease blog, sohu blog is also a good choice. And blog keywords included is better, so it is a good marketing channels. < / p > < p > 3, email marketing < / p > < p > mail may now be abandoned by most of the operators, the net type bombing did not achieve very good effect. In fact, the advantages of email can't be ignored completely. These advantages are not possessed by other platforms, at the same time, there are some E-mail group software, also can be used. Through the mail theme design, add detail to the email letter qr code, customer drainage to WeChat public platform. < / p > < p > 4, QQ group promotion marketing < / p > < p > this is the most universal way of customer group to join, go to qr code, make persistent efforts, after being kicked the can also get some customer traffic. QQ group name card Settings, can be a brand name, can be a product name, sincerely communicate with others, whether out of curiosity or there is demand, customers will automatically find wooden door manufacturer. If there are demanders wood door manufacturers see group, can take the initiative to contact. But manufacturers need to mix the first, as far as possible become the group communication tycoon, occasionally playing small advertising will not be playing. < / p > < p > 5, micro video marketing < / p > < p > other platform may have more skilled, video are seldom used. People are more and more lazy, too much words don't want to see. Video just can meet the demand of the 'lazy'. Now many manufacturers began to through the video to advertise, WeChat push content also spread through the video. The video recording time shoulds not be too long in 2 - commonly 5 minutes advisable, with relevant text and title, the effect will be better. At the same time, the quality of the video can't too bad, this will affect wooden door the propaganda of the brand. Now video platform also is more, like youku, sohu, sina, etc. , are good video marketing channels, the advertising message can be implanted in the video, also can through the video title or description, and so on. < / p > < / p >
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