What is composite door, the difference between composite door and solid wood door

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-03
The composite door is also called a solid wood composite door. It is a wooden door composed of two or more materials. It is made of MDF and solid wood veneer, finally, the edge is sealed with solid wood lines. What is the difference between composite doors and solid wood doors? As the name implies, composite doors are made of two or more main materials. The general structure is the inner frame door core veneer, which determines various performances, grades and prices according to the materials and practices of various components. Advantages and disadvantages of composite doors: composite doors, also known as craft Wood armored doors, are the perfect combination of steel and natural solid wood. They combine the respective advantages of steel and wood to improve the quality of composite doors, while bringing you peace of mind, it also brings comfort and warmth. The surface of the general composite door is treated without paint, which not only saves the cost without painting, but also saves the oil workers and ensures the natural pollution-free characteristics of the composite door; The interior of the door is made of high-quality disposable laminated steel, which is not easy to deform and avoids the defect that the traditional wooden door is easy to crack. Disadvantages: composite doors can have a good effect on the decoration of living rooms, and have many advantages compared with traditional solid wood doors. In spite of this, the composite door has shown many advantages and obvious defects at the same time, the most obvious of which is that the door leaf is relatively heavy, which is a huge test for the door cover and hinge, ordinary door covers and hinges cannot meet the requirements of composite doors. Although the surface of the composite door is mostly paint-free, which reduces the pollution of the paint, the anti-scratch ability of the solid wood inner rib embossing is limited, and once it is scratched, it is difficult to repair it, it is barely repaired immediately, and the original effect is not achieved. It has a great influence on the overall aesthetics of the door leaf. Moreover, the anti-theft capability of the composite door is slightly insufficient compared with that of the pure steel anti-theft door. The difference between composite door and solid wood door 1. Solid wood door is made of natural wood through a series of processes such as drying, blanking and planing; The composite door is filled with pine, fir, etc. , and then the outer surface is attached with MDF and solid wood veneer. 2. From the appearance, the appearance of the solid wood door is clear, and the overall sense and three-dimensional sense are very strong; The appearance of the composite door looks natural and elegant, and its styles are also varied. 3. Solid wood door is made of natural wood, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also corrosion-resistant, high temperature and heat resistant, and sound insulation effect is also very good. The advantages of composite door are stability, heat preservation, no deformation, impact resistance and flame retardant.
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