what is delaminated wood?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-10
Oriented strand board plywood (OSB)
And they are examples of laminated wood.
Lamination is the process of making rigid products by compressing flakes or small pieces of wood together with glue to form larger parts.
Laminated wood products manufacturers use pressure and heat to compress small pieces of wood into large pieces of wood in almost every new home.
Laminated wood products are very strong but not indestructible.
When the glue that sticks the wood together fails, layering occurs.
The first sign of layering is usually a block or bubble on the surface of plywood or other laminated plates, or expands along the edge of the plates.
When the small pieces of wood that make up the paper are loose, they expand and pull apart each other, causing the paper to expand.
When the strip is wide, the sheet product loses its structural integrity, resulting in the exterior siding of the sponge bottom, weak roof sheath, or drum bag.
Cabinets and other furniture products made of finishes may also appear layered
Grade laminated wood.
A slight or slight layering may not compromise the integrity of the structure.
Builders expect to have a very small level of layering, and when they install a sheath on the outside of the House or on the roof, prepare the plywood by spacing it to 1/8.
However, moderate or heavy layering almost always results in the need to replace the damaged wood.
Moisture, especially when combined with heat, leads to layering.
The water flowing out of the leaking window can flow down the wall column and is used to build a section of laminated wood saturated on the ground floor.
The problem will not be hidden until the owner finds a lump under the felt or carpet.
There is no need for a leak in order for layering to occur.
A loft without ventilation can become very hot and humid in summer;
If the hot and humid air is unable to escape, it can penetrate the underside of the roof deck, causing the sheets to strip.
Repairing leaks, ventilation lofts and storing laminated wood products indoors is essential, but must be replaced once the wood is layered to the extent of a soft sponge.
This usually requires cutting the peeling part of the wood, such as the damaged area of the sub-floor around the leaking toilet and replacing it with a new part of the same size.
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