What is ecological door the door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-06-23

ecological door door cover ( Door frame) USES a high-tech aluminum, magnesium and titanium alloy materials adopt surface anodic oxidation treatment, hardness above 12 degrees, rich metallic simple sense, wear-resisting, compression, high strength, never fade, never deformation, service life is longer than the average wood door.

aluminum magnesium alloys generally is the main element, and then mixed with a small amount of magnesium and other metal material to enhance its hardness. Because itself is metal, especially the performance of thermal conductivity and strength. Aluminium magnesium alloy quality, and the strong and lightweight, low density, heat dissipation is good, strong resistance to pressure. Its hardness is several times of traditional plastic, but the weight was only about a third of the latter. Silver-white magnesium aluminum alloy shell can make the product more luxurious, beautiful, and easy to color, can through the surface treatment process into a personalized drawing champagne and sapphire, etc. , iron ash gate of ecological graces many.

is the strengthening of aluminum and magnesium alloy version of the titanium alloy material, titanium and magnesium in addition to adding different metal itself, one of the largest, respectively is also infiltration of carbon fiber material, regardless of the heat dissipation, strength and surface texture is better than that of aluminum and magnesium alloy material, and processing performance is better, than aluminum magnesium alloy is more complex and changeful shape. The key breakthrough is strong toughness stronger and thinner. Just strong toughness, three to four times that of magnesium alloy titanium alloy. The higher the strong toughness, can withstand the pressure.

frame structure the whole pressure casting manufacturing, to achieve seamless, sealing, sound insulation effect.

frame points four now:

A sand box, soda ash, an arc, 60 mm wide;

B box champagne wiredrawing, an arc, 60 mm wide;

C box soda ash sand wood, 55 mm wide.

each aluminum has its own features, alkali sand belongs to calm calm, articulate their feelings, is honest, strong sense of responsibility, less affected by the confusion of luxuriant appearance, inner emotional and mental is more concerned about people. Champagne drawing belongs to very high degree of creativity and curiosity, concerned about social issues rather than immediate problems, like the pursuit of lofty ideals, is particularly keen on social movement. Very confident, and man of profound learning. Customers can according to your own personal interests in ecological door the door cover of choice.

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