What is made of solid wood composite door of the lacquer that bake?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-09-03

the first, the scale of the solid wood composite painting door intrusive and open: home usually has four standard specification door, built by the hole of the width and height of the four figures suggest. Solid wood composite painting door opening to the outside into inside to open the door and open the door, the door inside and outside the door and then divided into left and right, the user can according to facilitate party always choose the door open to open the door.

second, surface quality and safety of solid wood composite painting door: qualified anti-theft security door by using the data fit country specification demand, steel security door frame using the thickness of the steel plate should not less than 2 mm, before and after the doors of solid wood composite painting door panel usually use of steel thickness in 0. 8 - 1 mm, between the door leaf with internal skeleton and reinforcing plate, and play must prevent damage function, and can reach the national standard requirements of security level.

third, solid wood composite painting door hardware security: locks, anti-theft lock across the hall is the most important components, anti-theft lock function is good or not directly related to the safety of the door, security door usually use of mechanical locks and electronic locks. Anti-theft lock is chosen, must pay attention to the goods shall be specified by the country and certification authority. Security should be prevent drilling, sawing defense, prevent pry, anti-pull, anti shock, prevent skills open function. Using the security door locks can be divided into single point and multi-point lock lock, the so-called single point refers to lock lock lock door lock point after the lock itself. Multi-point lock is to point to in addition to the lock itself point, stocks move deputy lock together, constitute a multiple points to lock, and distribute near the door frame, enhance pry proof function.

4, solid wood composite painting door hinge, the hinge is the door and doorcase of interconnected parts, the first support body effect, should have must guard against theft function together. The use of the current security doors hinge usually use built-in and external type, built-in hinge is suitable for outside the door, within the external hinge is suitable for the open the door, about to open the door to choose within the external hinge, the hinge axis is usually more than 12 mm in diameter, if choose steel plate hinge, the closure must be welded.

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