What is suitable for the material of real wood door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-06-19

the use of different kinds of wooden door with the life and adornment effect, applies to wooden door factory today to share with you what's the material of real wood door?

1, real wood material - - - - - - Scientific name fraxinus mandshurica

northeast China ash ash, belongs to the oleaceae an ash is a kind of wood, the main producing area of northeast China, Russia and other places, is that it is the biggest advantage of northeast China ash grain, northeast China ash grain is beautiful clear, such as veneer or solid wood door, brush varnish or white-washed can maximize the reflects its beautiful patterns, suitable for contemporary and contracted style, and northeast China ash panel or a veneer of low prices. The disadvantage is that if the real wood door, deformation is bigger, so if is to be completely real wood of northeast China ash, multi-purpose small block splicing. Solid wood stores to see most of real wood of northeast China ash is a main frame with real wood of northeast China ash, large area of was stick of wood of northeast China ash, because of the northeast China ash deformation shrinkage big reason.

2, real wood material - - - - - - - Pine

the pine wood occupied very big one part, especially children many real wood door is the use of pine. Pine of real wood material basically has two kinds, one kind is pinus massoniana, one kind is mongolica, give priority to with mongolica, is an important raw material of man-made fiber board in decorating. Pinus massoniana straight or oblique irregular texture, structure and thick. Become warped crack more serious dry is weakness. No corrosion. Poor paint, glue joint performance. The power that grasp a hammer, as a relatively less carpentry board applied in the real wood door, carpentry board price is generally with size fir integrated plate or big core board about three times.

3, real wood material - - - - - - - Oak

oak real name is called oak, belong to the fagaceae, German oak, red oak, called red German oak, white oak, called white German oak, red oak is not actually true red, but some wooden slant yellow pink, white oak is not white, but a pale yellow, which creates a red oak, white oak color difference is not very big, the oak is characterized by heavy hard, straight grain, coarse structure, quietly elegant of colour and lustre beautiful texture, high mechanical strength, wear resistance, but not easy to dry wood saw cutting and cutting, such as large area USES large deformation degree at the same time, the oak decorative pattern also has the difference between straight grain and horizontal grain, straight grain more good-looking, real wood the price also is a bit expensive.

is to share above apply to the material of real wood door, hope to help everyone.

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