What is the applicable scope of the ecological door

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-29

ecological door scope is very wide, it not only can be used in the bedroom to decorate, can also be used for office buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, Banks, government agencies unit etc. Can say, ecological door adornment sex is very strong, no matter what kind of decoration style, can find a matching panel and match, so the ecological basic door can be installed in which place of indoor environment.

ecological door belong to the category of non-standard door, customers can according to the actual size of the order was, we will according to the size of the customer to tailor fit ecological door, not like the specifications of the wood and aluminum doors are fixed, so bad for customer's installation, may even more openings to fill or digging. Each factory's products to our factory after fine processing, elaborate debugging, rigorous supervision. Produced is in accordance with the terms of a complete set of ecological door, which includes the ecological door dedicated hardware accessories, some ecological door manufacturers are calculated according to the area, and hardware accessories is the need for additional terms.

aluminum surface ecological door adopt metal wire-drawing sheet metal cover on surface treatment, so that the doors of wear-resisting, water moisture, corrosion resistance and other performance is better, natural metal color to make it full of strong breath of times. Using aluminum alloy, refractory metal plate surface and through drawing and moulding processing and become, smooth texture, times feeling is stronger, wear-resisting performance is good, suitable for pursuit and world popular synchronism of super luxury decoration. Door leaf will adopt the latest aluminium honeycomb technology, aluminum honeycomb system adopts high performance aluminum, so belongs to high-grade materials, strength is very high.

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