What is the cause of the wooden door products selling?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-19

products to successfully enter the market, in addition to the guarantee on the product quality, also depend on the brand manager of operations, the wooden door manufacturer to share what is the cause of the wooden door products selling?

first of all, the heavy price ignore quality. Some manufacturer on the dealer's selected program is rough, also related to the dealer's support is not enough product knowledge training, distribution way, dealers need continuous product knowledge training, from the value of the brand identity on the active consciousness to better in the actual distribution of the brand promotion and publicity. The above factors lead to the dealer in actual shop goods link is more price advantage to lure terminals, squeezing competing goods, and the effect is very dangerous.

the price is equal to profit. Dealers in terminal delivery, entanglement between price, low price to a certain extent, natural popular, but cast to the quality, if all keep prices low, the interests of the sacrifice is terminal distribution, profit space is small, consumers, and the distribution of the meaning is lost. Price is geared to the needs of consumers, profit belongs to distribution and terminal link, closely linked to the prices and profits, but not on the equals sign.

in fact, the dealer to reflect the 'factory for the price of no advantage' say, manufacturers often just guidance prices, the real actual sales price is need according to the actual situation of the local dealer. And dealer's wooden door product sales price and the quality of the product, price, publicity, factors such as local consumption standards have relations, under the action of these factors, when the price of wooden door products close to the cost or not sell, it must be marketing problems, such as the function of the wooden door products is not clear to customers, product differentiation is not let the user experience, service and related maintenance couldn't keep up with, lead to consumer distrust of wooden door products do not understand, and nature will affect sales. So terminal sales should jump out of the wooden door speak price cycle, only to return to speak quality, the pattern of root, the quality of the things speak out, to distinguish it from other competing goods things speak out, let the consumer realize the selling point of products and advantages, willing to use and spread. And at the time of recommended products, dealers also want to decorate in the store, display and operation method for distribution pattern customers some advice and help, introduce their success, a good model to go out, this is a higher level of cooperation, is also a long-term cooperation.

dealers want to know, a product to enter the market successfully, in addition to the guarantee on the product quality, depends on the brand manager in business, in good faith, professional, service impress consumers and customers, in addition, the products in the market of people orientation is correct, propaganda way whether to dock with the target audience, whether customer sharing and communication is very important also, lack of the spread of word-of-mouth and channels, it is a good product, cheapest price won't again.

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